Saturday, July 23, 2016

Finally Friday

It was already hot and steamy Friday morning. We are under a Heat Advisory today with a "feels like" high temp of 105 degrees. But, when I watched the weather this morning, it looks like Minneapolis, Minnesota will be worse!!! Poor Amy and her Carls...

Sidebar: They have a pool, so I'm thinking they will be okay.

I walked inside the shop today both times.

I went to Time Out for lunch. I ordered the mushroom and Swiss burger with fries. Nancy, my waitress, said, "What, no fish and chips?" Dan, the owner, wasn't there, so I told her to tell him his new fish monger sucks.

I forgot how damn big a half-pound burger can be, so, I left most of the fries on my plate.

I chatted a bit with the other waitress, Amanda. She said the night before was good for her with tips, so she could afford the tickets for the concert she wanted to go to. I asked where her son would be staying and she said at her parents house.

Courtney and I met our new Purchasing agent, Michael (we blow through them about every three months). Gone are the days when Judi Trygier had our backs...

He wanted to set up a meeting to discuss a blanket P.O. for stock items (good idea) and Courtney said, "Well, don't invite John. He doesn't like meetings."

Sidebar: That's true, but why say that? This is the second time in two days she dissed me. On Thursday, there was a guy in to pick up a phone (Fred is working two days a week in our building in Auburn Hills, due to the I-275 construction). I knew I knew him, but couldn't recall his name.

Sidebar: That happens a lot, as I get older.

So, I didn't say anything. Upon reflection, I should have shook his hand and admitted I forgot his name. His name was Scott, BTW.

Instead, I went in back to check on some monitors.

While I was gone, Scott said, "I guess John forgot I worked with him up in Building 32." Courtney said, "No, he probably recognized you, but he's just not very sociable."


The A/C at work gave up and the temps just kept climbing. So, I figured I was fncked at home.

Sidebar: I signed up for that "cut off your electricity when demand is high" when I moved in (to save money).

But, when I got home, the AC was on and it was a delicious 74 degrees inside. So, I stayed inside!

I didn't feel like leftover brats and tots for dinner, so I made the other small pizza, after adding banana pepper rings, black olives and more mozzarella.

I watched TV until 10:00 p.m. and then went to bed.


  1. remind me what kind of Pizzas are these?

  2. Have they ever cut off the A/C?

  3. @ GPF: DiGiorno's, but the smaller ones.
    @ Jake: not when I was here, but I have often come home and the inside temp was, like, 79 degrees although the A/C was on.