Saturday, July 16, 2016

Finally Friday

It was actually quite nice on Friday morning, partly Cloudy, cooler and with a nice breeze.

So, my morning walk was quite pleasant.

I went to Time Out at lunch for their fish and chips. I was disappointed! They must have changed their fish monger or something. The fish was almost chewy (before it used to melt in your mouth). Yuck!

I met up with Vicky at Costco. She wanted to buy some supplies for Yanessa's party next weekend, but she's not a member. So, I got her in and then pushed the cart while she bought incredible amounts of "things" (three cases of water, napkins, cups, tons of small candy to fill the pinata, etc.). Then she went to Building 50 and I headed back to work.

The walk outside in the afternoon ws a little warmer, but still nice.

Finally, I was home for the weekend!

Today was a payday, so I spent some time on the computer, paying bills, doing my grocery list and my ToDo list.

I made a salad with hard boiled eggs for my dinner.

I watched taped TV until 10:00 p.m. and then went to bed


  1. You're lucky Costco no longer follows your blog.

  2. That's alright Jake, I'll call them for you.

  3. Hey, I pay a damn fee every year and they don't even still carry my coffee (I had to sign up at Sam's Club for that). I can help a chica out now and then...

  4. Caribou cups for the Keurig. I got hooked on it at Costco, then they stopped carrying it. A friend said they had them at Sam's club, so I signed up with them. So, it's Costco for the squirrel's peanuts and Sam's Club for coffee. It was funny, as Vicky kept asking me where this or that was. I replied, "I dunno, I only buy peanuts here..."