Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Saturday, at the zoo...

Since I always wake up early, I didn't set the alarm on Saturday. Naturally, I woke up late and had to hustle. I was supposed to meet Victoria and Yanessa at the Detroit zoo at 9:00 a.m. for our annual company "Cornerstone Schools walk."

I was about two miles away when she called and asked where I was.

Apparently, they didn't do the whole video thing about Cornerstone this year. They did have snacks and drinks, but then they just headed out.

So, I met them in an empty pavilion. Yanessa saw me first and started waving. So, I said, "Hola, Yanessa." She's bilingual, I'm not...

I grabbed two energy bars and a bottle of water and we headed out.

I'm not going to name all the animals we saw and I didn't take pictures. But we had fun.

Yanessa wanted to get her face painted, so we stopped for that.

So, we walked and we walked and it got hotter and hotter. We went to the polar bear exhibit and didn't see one damn bear. But the seals were fantastic and put on a great show. Since this as the second year we didn't see any polar bears, I told Vicky they probably didn't even have them.

Yanessa wanted to go on the carousel but she was too short to go alone. So, Vicky went with her. She rode on a turtle while I watched the stroller.

We finally made it to the new penguin house. I seriously wanted to go there, since I contributed $75 bucks last year to build it. It was almost cold inside,which I appreciated.

We checked out the penguins on top.

It was dark inside as well, so Yanessa asked me if I would hold her hand, I think she was scared. So, I did. (I can't refuse any request that starts with "Papa John...")

We finally got to the bottom (it's a long trip) and watched penguins soar over our heads. But, believe me, that $75.00 dollars was worth it!

At one point, Yanessa asked me to carry her. It felt nice, but that threw me off with my cane. Fortunately, Vicky noticed and took her from me.

We took the elevator back up rather than the long walk up ramps. Yanessa was proud to push the buttons.

There is a splash pad outside the penguin house, so Vicky changed Yanessa's clothes and she ran into it.

She kept running and when she got to the end where I was, I would clap which was cool. What was also cool was another little boy (whose grandma undressed him next to me) saw this and kept running up to me, grinning. So, I clapped for him, too.

Sadly, Yanessa's face paint washed off.

We were walking to the exit and talking about eating lunch.

Sidebar: There was a problem. We were in Royal Oak. I live in Redford and Vicky lives in the hood (west side of Detroit) so neither of us knew of any nearby restaurants.

BTW, I was still doing good, leg-wise.  We were still discussing lunch as we passed by the Train station. I casually asked why we never took the train. She said she didn't think about it... So I bought three tickets and we waited a bit.

The train ride was fun. We waved to people on the way and they waved back. But what we didn't know it was a one way ride to the far end of the zoo!


So we walked back. We did see some rhinoceros that we missed the first time. We also saw a living polar bear walking around (so I apologize to the zoo people). Yanessa passed out in the stroller and I started limping. I told Vicky I changed my mind. All I wanted to do was to go home and take a nap.

I also was sweating like a pig. My company hat was dripping and, believe it or not, even my cane was wet! I asked Vicky how far we walked. She checked her Smart Watch that I gave her and it said just .8 miles. Bullshit! She figured out why, though. The watch works off of your arm movement and most of the time she was pushing a stroller.

Sidebar: They had five of these Smart Watches they raffled off at work for the registered zoo walkers and I won one. As I said, I gave it to her. She's all into physical fitness and I'm not. Besides, I'm still trying to figure out how my phone works, LOL!

We got outside to the parking lot and got to my truck. We did our usual goodby (Yanessa was still sleeping). And I headed out on west-bound I-696. I took that to the Southfield and that to I-96. I got off on Telegraph so I could stop at Popeye's for some chicken and red beans and rice. I was tired, but still hungry! I got home just before 2:00 p.m.

I ate about half my chicken then I went to bed. I got up after 5:00 p.m. I watered the front container gardens and got the mail. I got two Father's Day cards, one from Carla and one from Melissa. Thanks! I went back to bed for the night.


  1. The zoo looks a lot more modern than I remember it being 30 years ago, especially that penguin enclosure. However, that one penguin in the second pic doesn't look like it belongs with the others.

    Was the polar bear just walking around?

    The card was from both of us...

  2. There were four or five different kinds of penguins.

    Yes, He was just taking a stroll.

    Sorry, my bad... Thanks! It was a great card!!!