Saturday, June 11, 2016


It warmed up again on Friday. I didn't like it...

I took in the hanging plant and gave it to Courtney.

I went over to HR in Building 7 and picked up my hat and tee-shirt for next weekend's zoo walk. It's to raise money for the Cornerstone schools.

Sidebar: After the death marches Jake and Carla dragged me on, a walk in the zoo seems like a walk in the park!

Victoria stopped by and asked if I wanted to go to Time Out for lunch for the fish and chips. I said sure. So we did. It was excellent, although the fish fillets were smaller than usual. I'll have to talk to Dan (the owner) about that!

We still had some time left, so we drove down through Hines Park while we chatted.

My friend Michelle from Facilities came by and gave me some Moussaka (a Greek baked eggplant dish) she had made. Thanks!!!

Back home after work, I watered some of the plants that needed it. Then I hustled back inside to the A/C!

I wasn't really hungry (I still felt stuffed from lunch) so I skipped the moussaka (I want to savor it) and just put some peanut butter on celery sticks. I at that watching some TV, but went to bed by 9:00 p.m.


  1. “It was excellent, although the fish fillets were smaller than usual. I'll have to talk to Dan (the owner) about that!”
    Good news on the dating front; there seems to be a prince looking for you. :)

  2. A lot of places do the same thing with chicken. They start out as a proper meal size but then reduce the size of the chicken and charge the same price. It'd be one thing if one was marketed as a dinner entree and the other as lunch but it's annoying to pay the same price for obviously less return.

  3. @ Jyl: I have followed you down many a twisted roads over the years, but I have no idea WTF you are saying here.

    @ Jake: I noticed it right off as a unrepentant foodie. But, when Vicky said, "What the hell is with these small fillets?" I knew it was a problem. She ain't no foodie... They were more like fish sticks than the generous fillets I ate before. He might have gone with a new fish monger or something. I will definitely ask!

  4. Lol. I just think it’s interesting to learn about the stuff you tend to have reactions to sometimes (for example, I think you’d be the kind of person who’d notice a pea under a stack of mattresses). Have a great night. :)