Friday, June 10, 2016

Finally Thursday!

(It's been a long weekend.)

It was much cooler on Thursday. I loved it!

I went to Big Boy for lunch. I was really hungry, so I got the veal Parmesan with a Caesar side salad. I ate most of it, LOL!

I stopped on the way home after work at Home Depot and bought the right color hanging plant for the suet cage hook.

Sidebar: Even though I had a picture on my phone of the original pink hanging pots, I bought the wrong color (red) on Tuesday. I'll give the other one to Courtney.

Then I stopped at CVS to pick up my prescriptions (I called them in on Sunday). They said they didn't have any record of me calling them in! WTF? So, I asked hem to refill them and told them I would pick them up Friday night.


At home at last, I hung up the new plant, after watering it. I put the red one in the truck.

I grabbed some catnip for Caley. She's weird (but you know that). Scruffy used to eat it (normal) but Caley doesn't. She just rolls on it.

Sidebar: The flash went off on the phone, so she looks as evil as she is...

I warmed up some refried beans and diced an onion. I charred two flour tortillas on the gas stove and then assembled my dinner. I topped the beans with the raw onions, a splash of hot sauce and some shredded cheese.

It was easy-peasy and delicious.

I read until a 9:00 p.m. bedtime.


  1. RE: "It was much cooler on Thursday. I loved it!" don't get to used to for Saturday is mid to high nintys and very humid

  2. I know. I'm gonna melt! There will be just a big pool of grease with my glasses on top. It sucks!!!

  3. Sorry but can't feel too bad for you right now. You're at 85 with humidity of 50% and a heat index of 86. We're at 86 (comparable...) with a humidity of 67% and a heat index of 94. Oh, did I mention tomorrow's heat index is 102 with actual temps of 99? Wait... I see you might have wind gusts up to 20 MPH! (and a high of 78)... :|

    You might get to pick on us during the winter for feeling sad about 40 degrees but we get to return the favor during the summer.