Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Cleaning up, this and that...

Things I forgot to mention:

- My fortune cookie on Monday said, "A clean tie attracts the soup of the day." As one who wore a suit and tie daily for years, I can attest to that!

Sidebar: I still object to the term "Fortune Cookie." Back in the day (60's or 70's), they actually gave you a prediction: "You will become rich!" "You will marry Cheryl Tiegs."  (Okay, so maybe I made that up...) But, today, these are just observations, not predictions.

- I put away the suet cage for the summer. that gave me another hook for a hanging plant.

Sidebar: Just what I needed, another plant to water...


  1. We had a fortune cookie the other day with no fortune. I wasn't certain if that was a good or bad sign, so we made one of our own and stuck it in there.

  2. Your second cousin, Jamie Hugo has that problem as well... I don't think its a good sign.