Monday, May 30, 2016

Tropically Depressed

I slept like a rock for a change. Maybe I should walk over two miles every day!

The tropical depression turned into the newly-named "Bonnie" tropical storm and parked off-shore near Charleston, SC on Sunday.

Which resulted in a cooler sunny morning with a lovely, light breeze.

But, we watched the Weather Channel and scrapped all our plans for today.

Instead, we took the day off to relax and make soup.

Sidebar: 70 degrees in South Carolina is soup weather!

So, we talked and watched several episodes of "Project Runway." Project Runway is a competition hosted by Heidi Klum, where promising designers create fashion clothing. One is a winner and one is sent home every episode. Interesting!

So, in the early afternoon, we started making Carla's clam chowder. Jake and I did the prep work under Carla's direction.We all did taste-testing during the process, but Carla had the final say, of course.

Sidebar: Carla's varies from mine  by three major differences: She used fresh frozen clams, instead of my canned clams (I can't get reliably good, fresh seafood); She doesn't use my secret ingredient and she adds hot sauce.

While the soup was cooling (it was for dinner) we watched the movie,"The Revenant." I had long wanted to see it, as I had known the true story of Hugh Glass since childhood.

Sidebar: Mountain men and Indians have been a life-long interest of mine.

Around 3:00 p.m., the thunder started and Whiskey wanted in! She doesn't like thunder. Then, the rains fell.

When the movie was over, we reheated the soup and ate dinner. The bowls of soup were garnished with bits of bacon.

Sidebar: Jake topped his with a TON of crackers (Jake likes crackers).

Result: It was fantastic!

Sidebar: I'm not willing to give up my secret ingredient or add hot sauce, but I am going to search for fresh clams. I really liked how much more chewy it was!

We watched a few more episodes of Project Runway.

Sidebar: I never watch this at home and never even heard of it before coming down here, but the shows been on TV longer than I Love Lucy.

Then I went to bed.


  1. “but I am going to search for fresh clams”

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