Friday, May 6, 2016


I woke up early on Thursday. Instead of complaining, I made myself a real breakfast. I ate scrambled eggs splashed with Franks hot sauce. Excellent!

It was a beautiful, sunny day with a high in the mid sixties.

My boss told me to take a long lunch, so I did. I went to Applebee's and got my usual. Delish! I stopped in at CVS, then I went to Lowe's. I got another asparagus fern, what I thought was a six pack of sweet alysium and two pretty pots.

The smaller of the pots didn't have a barcode label on it. But there were two busy checkouts and about five or six people behind me with loads of mulch, etc. So, I told the guy to charge me for the larger one again. He said, "Are you sure?" I said, "Look at the line behind me! I don't want to get beat up in the parking lot because you did a five minute price check." So, I paid nine bucks for a six buck pot.

Sidebar: That turned out to be a stupid mistake.

Finally, I got the truck washed. Then I went back to work.

The afternoon passed slowly, as it was beautiful and I was itching to get outside.

But, I was finally home and changed into my work clothes.

First I planted the kitchen window box (begonias and asparagus ferns)

Then I filled and planted the two pots. That's when I learned the glaze on the smaller pot had plugged the drainage hole. But, I can't take it back because my receipt lists a larger pot! Dammit! But, I will try to not over-water it, I suppose. I put them both on the rack I got down from the attic and put on the porch.

Since I was taking pictures for you, I took one of the newly-planted raised bed herb garden.

Finally, I planted the mail box garden. I put in the two African daisies and the Sweet Alysium. But, when I went to plant the Alysium, I found that only four of the six I bought had plants in them Dammit! They were so full I thought they all had plants.

I topped the dirt with some cedar mulch, as the area is mostly full sun and dries out fast. Since I had the camera out and the tulips were out, I took a picture for you.

I didn't feel the love for more leftovers, so I heated up a can of Bush's Grilling beans and ate that for dinner after washing up.

I watched a little TV but was in bed and asleep by 9:30 p.m.


  1. You are really making me look bad....people don't understand that you live "down south" and your gardens do better......

  2. Breakfast sounds good. When we'd get up early, we'd head over to Rocky's Diner. Miss those cheap Michigan weekday breakfasts. That being said, it's been spring for three months, so there are benefits!