Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Saturday Story

I didn't set the alarm on Friday night, so I woke up a bit late on Saturday. I filled in the Blog post and then made breakfast. I made an omelet with sharp cheddar cheese, cooked in bacon grease. It was good!

After I shaved and showered, I headed out for today's errands. First stop was the Nissan dealer in Southfield for my routine service. It was nowhere near the recommended miles (I don't drive that far) but way past the recommended date. So, I thought it might be time.

Sidebar: That got me thinking about the bike. When I bought it, they recommended I bring it back after 600 miles. They would change all the fluids and tighten all the bolts, the chain, etc. (Big Thumpers have a LOT of vibration). I still only have about 100 miles on it, but its been two years since I bought it. Maybe I should have it serviced? What do you think?

Anyway, I went to Telegraph and headed up to 12 Mile Road to the dealership. I had a 9:15 a.m. appointment. I took a book and sat in the waiting room. I had a cup of coffee, but forgot they offer free bagels. I could have skipped making breakfast!

Finally, they were finished. They replaced the cabin air filter, the engine air filter, the oil filter and changed the oil. They rotated the tires and inspected everything (tires, brake pads, etc.) Everything was fine, but they replaced the wiper blades.

Now, when I came in, they asked me if I wanted it washed (it's free). I would have declined (they only spray it down and I just had it washed and hand dried) but a damn bird pooped on the side of it at work (have I ever mentioned just how much I hate Canada Geese?) So, I said, "Sure!" That was a good thing!

It took over an hour (and another cup of coffee - damn, I wish I wasn't full, those bagels looked great!) but they finally called my name. It would have cost me $250.00 but I had a coupon for 10% off they had sent me, trying to lure me back. So, I paid $225.76.

I went out to the truck and the windshield was still wet. So, I turned the wipers on. The wiper on the right side clunked when it stopped! WTF? I tried it again and the same result.

So, I went and got the service manager. I told him I thought they put the wrong wipers on. So, he went and checked. Turned out the bigger wiper blade was supposed to go on the left side. He fixed them, but was pissed. He said he would find out who worked on it and fire him!

I said, "Whoa, dude! All your guys are under the gun to get these vehicles out as fast as they can. It's a simple mistake, nothing to fire anybody about."

He said, "Well, then I'll write him up!" I asked him not to use my name, because I would be coming back.

Sidebar: I don't need any disgruntled employee trashing my truck!

From there, I went to Kroger's. I was mostly there for the bone-in rib eye steak that they had advertised in their flyer, but I couldn't find any. So, I got the few things I needed and left.

From there, I went to Westborn. I got six Florida sweet corn, three bunches of green onions and a nice rib eye steak (I want to grill out on Sunday).

I got home about 12:30 p.m. and was bushed. I put everything away and then took a long nap.

My daughter, Melissa, woke me up with a phone call.  She thought it was funny that I sent an anniversary card to Dave on his birthday. I explained that it only said "Dave Montgomery" on my calendar, not "birthday." After we hung up, I changed it on the calendar.

Dammit!!! Getting old sucks!

I went out and planted my two new perennials. Unfortunately, only one of them had a tag (Kahori Dianthus).

So, I planted the other but don't remember what it is...

The lilac blooms are fading fast, but I took another picture so I can remember how beautiful it was.

I went out back and saw the hostas were coming in like gang-busters!

I put away the wheel barrow and the shovel, but didn't shut and lock the shed (my bad).

I went back inside and washed up. Then I made a big salad for my dinner.

I was just about to go to sleep when I took a pee. That's when I saw the shed door was still up. Damn! So, I walked out back, turning on all the motion detector lights. So, I was lit up all the way out back and on my return. I was pissed at myself for forgetting, but glad the lights all worked.

Instead of sleeping, I watched Saturday Night Live. I was very impressed at the musical guest, Courtney somebody or another. She was excellent. Then I went to bed.


  1. there is a really good app for the android called: Like that garden. You take a picture with your cell phone, and it usually can identify it. try it, I love it

  2. "I still only have about 100 miles on it, but its been two years since I bought it. Maybe I should have it serviced? What do you think?"

    Tough question. Never been in that predicament myself but... Maybe? Two years is a long time but 100 miles isn't much.

    "That's when I saw the shed door was still up. Damn!"

    Don't tell the service manager!

    "I was very impressed at the musical guest, Courtney somebody or another. She was excellent.

    Courtney Barnett

  3. I talked with B___ about the bike. He said it's probably not necessary yet to have everything tightened (not enough vibration in 100 miles). But he did suggest changing the engine oil. He said old oil gets acidic.

    Thanks for the Courtney clear-up.