Tuesday, May 10, 2016


I woke up early on Sunday. I hurt like a son of a bitch. But, sitting in the shower until the water ran cold helped.

I got dressed in my work clothes (I should be and you would be embarrassed but it's what I wear at home, okay?)

Then I waited for Courtney (my co-worker). She had asked if she could borrow my hedge trimmer and, after I suggested, a 100-foot extension cord. So, I got them out. I also got the lopping shears out, because that's what I think she really needs.

I went to take out what I was "sure" was a pound of frozen ground chuck. It turned out to be a piece of chuck roast! So, I climbed in the truck an drove to the grocery store at Beech Daly and Joy Road. I bought a pound of ground chuck and two red bell peppers. I wanted to make a taco salad for Sunday's supper, you see. I sent a text to Courtney asking for 20 minutes more.

Courtney and her son Aiden (just shy of two years old) showed up shortly after I got home. I gave her the trimmer, the extension cord and the lopping shears. I showed Aiden the Big Thumper. He was not impressed. Kids, today!

I also warned Courtney not to cut herself. I still remember Carla gashing herself with the hedge trimmer. One of the worst days of my life!

After they left, I took some diced ham that I thawed out (while looking for the ground chuck) and added in a half of fine-diced onion. I folded in some mayo and a dash of Dijon mustard. I toasted two slices of sourdough bread, added some lettuce and made an excellent ham salad sandwich.

I carefully drove the truck out back.

I mixed up my magic dirt in the garden and called it good.

Sidebar: In the past, I would rejuvenate the garden soil by sifting my compost pile. My back can't take that anymore.

I ended up eating Ritz crackers topped with the ham salad instead of making the taco salad. I wasn't feeling all that hot, so I went to be early.


  1. That's really expensive to use in the garden......just thinking. Your cheap brother

  2. LOL! I think it cost me a whopping $38.00. I still work, remember? Worth it if I get some good veggies...

  3. We can't ALL be rich like you but through proper care and maintenance, perhaps our soil can be.

  4. @ Jake: Yes, rich soil can only help!