Sunday, May 8, 2016

Saturday's Story

I was supposed to get a final massage with Margaret Saturday morning. But I got a very sad, but very sweet email from her on Thursday apologizing because they were moving to Columbia on Friday!

She said she had arranged for me to go to Cathy's new partner, Beverly. She warned me again NOT to use Cathy, as she only does deep tissue massage and that would cripple me.

So, I went to my massage after some difficulty finding the place. Beverly is a short, fire-plug-built black woman with a shaved head.

She seemed nice enough but her massage was so different from Margaret's. For example, she concentrated on my legs and feet, instead of my back, which hurt. She rolled a ball on my thighs, which was supposed to loosen the muscles.

Her massage oil was herbal and smelled bad

All in all, it was a different, unsatisfactory experience. And, it cost me five bucks more!

So, the search is on...

I went all the way to the CVS on Newburgh and Five Mile to buy some cute succulent plants in little shoes I saw a while back, but they were sold out! Damn!

I stopped at Home Depot to get some dirt for the vegetable garden.

Sidebar: Courtney had said she was avoiding Home Depot on Sunday, because it would be filled with people buying flowers for their mothers. So, I figured Saturday would be safe. NOT!!!

Huge, long lines to check out. I did have help loading the soil in the truck, which was nice.

Back home, I parked the truck inside. It was alomst noon and I was sore and tired. So, I took a nap.

I woke up in time to watch the Kentucky Derby. I love the hats, the Kentucky Hot Browns and the mint juleps. I would like to go there, someday. The race was short, but the favorite won, so I was pleased.

I went out back and started to dig up the vegetable garden. But, my back hurt and I quit way too early.

I finished off the leftover pasta for dinner.

I watched a little TV after taking a pain pill. But I crashed early. It was not a productive day!


  1. I have a great massage therapist, however she is in mid-town across from the theater on W Grand blvd and 2nd She is trained in medical massages....knows what she is doing....let mv know if it's not too far

  2. I'll let you know, bro. Thanks... I appreciate that.