Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Magnificent Monday!

We picked up another half inch of rain overnight and Monday morning was cold, drizzling and dreary. I drove to work with the intermittent wipers on.

Courtney was off today. Both her boys have bad colds. I was wondering if Victoria would come in. She was sick last week (again with a bad cold - it must be going around) and now Yanessa has it...

So, why is the title of this post "Magnificent Monday?" Simply because over the weekend, the last automatic payment on the Big Thumper went through! So, now I own my bike, free and clear!


Vicky did come in, but she looked and sounded awful. She said Yanessa was doing better, but still weak and congested. Vicky checked during the day with Yanessa's Grandmother to see if she should come back and take Yanessa to the doctor's. But she never got that bad...

The drizzle let up before lunch. I went to Big Boy. I couldn't believe the traffic on Newburgh! Then I remembered this was the first day of the total shutdown of I-275 (from I-696 to Five Mile). They are doing the same thing they did to I-96 a couple of years ago. Total gut job and rebuild.

There is an "official" detour. You are supposed to take I-696 to the Southfield, the Southfield to I-96 and then I-96 back to I-275. But, that adds 21 extra miles to your journey, so everyone is taking the surface streets (primarily Haggerty and Newburgh) instead.

Big Boy was back to normal. I got the Slim Jim sandwich, but substituted a cup of broccoli and  ham soup for the fries.

Which got me to thinking: Am I really doing myself a favor with these substitutions? There's probably as many calories in the thick cup of soup as in the French fries. But, then again, its not fried, right? I guess.

I took back some chicken noodle soup for Vicky. It was one of my Mother's cold remedies and I still believe in it as well.

The sun struggled to pop through the clouds and did, for about five minutes in the afternoon. Then it got cloudy again.

I got home and treated the cat. I changed into my shorts and t-shirt (it was too crappy to work outside).So, I putzed inside. I got the trash ready for tomorrow, etc.

I made another BLT, but this time I remembered to buy a small bag of chips from the machine at work. Dinner was excellent!

I watched and old movie ("Patriot Games" with Harrison Ford) and went to bed at 9:30 p.m.


  1. Congrats on paying off the bike! Now all that's left is to hit 100 miles on the odometer!