Thursday, May 12, 2016

Got 'er done!

It was cloudy and cool on Wednesday morning (this is starting to be a theme here, dammit!) I stopped in at Larry's and got some yogurt for work and some romaine lettuce for home.

I went to Big Boy and got their cup of broccoli and ham soup and the half of turkey sandwich for lunch. Then I went and bought four more pairs of pants at the mall (mine are starting to wear out in spots).

It did warm up in the afternoon and the sun came out (briefly) around 3:00 p.m.

When I pulled into the driveway after work, I noticed my lilac was almost in full bloom!

I changed clothes and went out back to plant the vegetable garden. I planted all the plants and two rows of seeds (peas and green beans).

Sidebar: One of Margaret's tomatoes snapped off, but I planted the root anyway. we'll see...

Then, I hooked up the square head sprinkler and wet everything down.

I put everything away and buttoned up for the night.

Back inside, I warmed up the meat and made another single portion of taco salad for my dinner. I watched some TV, but turned in early.


  1. My lilac is tight buds, you really do get everything 2-3 weeks earlier than I do in the Clem.

  2. That's the advantage I get from living down south, y'all. :)

  3. Looking good. What are the various garden supports for?

  4. The wood trellis is to support the tomatoes, the chicken wire to support the peas. The rebar in the back is for the cuckes and squash.