Saturday, May 28, 2016

Flying by Friday

I left the house at 7:30 a.m. for the airport. They recommended getting there three hours (!) early, due to long lines at the screening area. So, I got there about 2 1/2 hours early. There was no problem finding a parking spot,  BTW.

I easily got my tickets and checked my bags. The lines in the security area were marginally longer, but moved quickly. I was over half way through when I noticed my ticket (kept out with my driver's license) said, "TSA PreScreen."

So, I excised myself and went through the smaller line. A quick patdown after setting off the machine and I was through!

With about two hours to kill...

So, I wander around. I found an Italian pizza place that served breakfast sandwiches, so I ordered a egg, sausage and cheese sandwich on a croissant. When I went to order it the waitress (?) counter girl(?), whatever, said it would be about 10 minutes as they had just ran out of eggs. I said no problem and sat down at a little table outside in the terminal and read my book. When she brought it to me, she said she had added another sausage for making me wait. Thanks! It wasn't bad.

Then, I wandered to the gate and read some more. Finally we boarded and took off. I was seated in the 10th row, next to a very pleasant Hispanic young lady and we chatted a bit during the flight.

I got across the airport at Charlotte in time to make my next flight. This time I was in the second to the last seat in the smaller plane (row 12) next to an equally pleasant middle-aged married woman.

However, once we all boarded, the captain came on the intercom. He said there had been a mishap as the luggage was being loaded and a suitcase hit the engine. So, he was having maintenance come and check it out, before we took off. He advised anyone in the window seat to lower the window shade and everyone to turn on their air outlet full blast to try and keep it cool (it was a sunny, muggy 80 degrees).

Without the engine running, there was no air conditioning. About 15 minutes later, the steward passed out warm water (there is no beverage service on the short hop to Columbia).

Sweat was pouting out of my head and body and everyone else was in the same fix. Maintenance finally gave the okay after about a 45 minute wait, thank God, and we took off.

In Columbia, I grabbed my checked bag and waited a short while (inside, in the A/C, trying to dry out) for Jake.

We chatted on the way home.

Once there, I said hello to Carla and Whiskey and then immediately changed into shorts and a tee shirt, just to get out of my sticky clothes.

We chatted a bit while Carla put the finishing touches on dinner. She made some rice and heated up some naan bread in the oven. We ate Middle Eastern chicken with green harissa over the rice and the naan bread on the side. New to me, but very tasty!!!

I checked out Carla's patio garden. It's all doing well and her tomatoes are huge! However, only one has tomatoes on it. The other one has yellow leave and the blooms fall off, but not tomatoes come. She asked why, but I didn't know.

We watched a little TV while still talking, but I was bushed (long day). They suggested I go to bed at 8:30 p.m. but that seemed way too early. I made it until 9:00 and then went to sleep.

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