Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tuesday's Tale

I hauled the trash out to the road in the cold and then headed to work. I go west  (Go west, young man!) and the rising sun in my mirrors was blinding.

Note to self: Either leave earlier or later, please.

I went to lunch at Big Boy and got my new favorite light lunch: A Caesar side salad and a half-sandwich (turkey on multi-grain bread).

It was a seriously beautiful, sunny day except it was freezing cold!

I got home after work and took the trash can back inside. That's when I noticed the front gardens had been mulched.

My tee shirt came in the mail! I'm gonna start a motorcycle gang!!!

I changed clothes and went out back. I wanted to trim the raspberry bushes back by the wall (I should have done that last fall). I took a couple of pictures of the mulched gardens for you.

I kinda wish now I hadn't cheaped out and had the back garden (by the wall) mulched as well.

I got the raspberries trimmed, put away the wheelbarrow and pruning shears in the shed and (gratefully) went back inside.

I made a cup of coffee to warm up. Then I did a small load of laundry (just my bathrobe and the downstairs white towels and washcloth).

I warmed up the dinner Victoria had brought me (fish and rice, topped with fresh tomatoes). It was excellent.

I started to watch NCIS but fell asleep before it was over. I woke up later, shut everything off and went back to bed.