Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Saturday Story

I woke up WAY too early on Saturday (3:00 a.m.). I tried to fall asleep, but every time I was almost there, Caley started choking. Freaked, I would knock her off the bed! I can easily clean up the floor, but the bedspread is a bitch.

She never, ever, did hack up that hairball and I never, ever, got back to sleep.

I finally gave up and got up around 5:00 a.m.

I was hungry (chicken salad sandwiches are delicious, but not that filling...) so I went out on the patio in my robe and snipped some chives. The security light came on, but I didn't give a shit...

Sidebar: It was damn cold out there (38 degrees) in just a bathrobe!

Back inside, I cracked three eggs, adding in a touch of whole milk, the chives, salt and pepper. I whisked that until the butter in my small skillet melted. I scrambled them soft while my sourdough bread was toasting.

Excellent breakfast!

I eventually shaved, showered and got dressed for the morning errands. First came a haircut, then Kroger's, Westborn and finally Home Depot.

I took Schoolcraft (the I-96 service drive) to get back to Inkster. I noticed the Holiday Inn Express hotel they are building on the corner is up to four stories so far. I wonder how tall they are going to make it? I drove around to get a picture for you.

I stopped at the quarter car wash and hosed the truck down. It's supposed to rain on Monday so there's no sense in getting an expensive one, but a bird pooped on my truck Friday.

I left the truck outside so I could unload it. I put the stuff that needed refrigeration away and then grabbed an old towel. I went outside and dried the truck off.

While I was drying the truck, a little old lady walked over from the townhouses. She said, "Papa John, do you remember me?" I said yes. She said, "I hate to ask, but I need a favor. Can you loan me two dollars?" I was getting out my wallet when she said she couldn't pay me back until next Friday. I said, "Are you sure two dollars is enough?" She said yes, all she needed was two dollars. So, I gave it to her.

I swept out the garage and got onto my first project. Now that its getting warmer, I want to move that big drying rack for the cabinet door out of the downstairs room. It's been in the way all winter, but it was the only way I could paint. I rearranged the garage so it would fit. The birdbath I stuck out front.

Then I got to work on the rack itself. This took a long while as I had to unload it, disassemble it, haul it into the garage and put it back together again.

I finished up around 3:30 p.m., parked the truck in the garage and decided to take a nap.

I woke up after 5:00 p.m. and went out back to shovel some sand.

Sidebar: If you remember, when I had my Puerto Rican crew here, installing the landscape timbers, I had them put the leftover sand (and there was a lot of it) in my raised bed vegetable garden. I didn't know where else to put it.

So, I picked out a spot back by the compost pile and am slowly moving it there. I just need most of it out before its time to plant.

I was only filling up the wheelbarrow halfway, so I didn't hurt my back.

I noticed it was getting dark, so I stopped for the night, put everything away and locked the shed.

When I got in, I was surprised to see it was almost 8:00 p.m. So, I gave up making soup today. Instead I microwaved two hot dogs and ate that for my dinner.

I watched some taped DIY shows for inspiration and then went to bed.


  1. Where is this Holiday Inn?

  2. Right on the southwest corner of east-bound Schoolcraft and Inkster. There used to be a sort of strip mall there with a drive-up Photo processing place in the middle of the parking lot, if that helps.

  3. What's the drying rack used for?

  4. @ GPF: When I was using stripper to get off the eight layers of paint and when I repaint them, so they can dry.

  5. Note: I'm still wondering about that two buck loan. I get she can't pay me back until Friday (Social security checks come in at the end of the month). But, why just two bucks? Did she need a loaf of bread or a quart of milk? Did she want something for the collection plate at church on Sunday? I would have given her $20.00 or more (I been there) but why two bucks???