Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Saturday story

As I mentioned, I woke up late on Saturday. So, I had to hurry through my shave and shower to make it to my 8:00 a.m. dentist appointment.

Why am I going to the dentist again? To get my teeth whitened.

Sidebar: To deal with my GIRD problem, I have to give up bourbon (not a big deal - I've done it off and on for years) and copious amount of coffee (I now just drink half cups) and chewing tobacco.

Okay, so chewing tobacco is a big, damn deal.

But, I figured if I have to quit chewing tobacco, I might as well eliminate the stains on my teeth.

This was a "Zoom" treatment and not fun. They put this crazy appliance thing in your mouth to protect your gums (you are gagging at this point). Then they paint some bleach on your teeth. Finally, they attach a light to the appliance for 15 minutes.

And, they do this four times!

I went into deep meditation to overcome this crap. It worked...

When I had to open my eyes, I focused on Lori's eyes. She is a beautiful blond and has the most amazing blue eyes! If she wasn't already married, I'd be all over that!

Finally, it was over. I had run through elderberries on my 24-Mile family home and Korean events and was about over deep meditation, so that was good...

I left there and went to Kroger's for some much needed supplies.

From there, I went to GFS and got more charcoal, meatballs and a can of Swedish meatball sauce.

Next I got my haircut. Michelle (my barber) asked me where I had been. I told her, "South Carolina, why?" She said she asked because of the sunburn on my head, ears and nose! I knew about the head and nose, but didn't realize my ears had been toasted, too...

When I finally got home (almost 1:00 p.m.) I immediately began making my dinner. I boiled a box of Creamette's large elbow macaroni.  While that was cooking, I mixed 1/2 cup of Hellmann's mayonnaise with 1 tablespoon red wine vinegar, 3 teaspoon of sugar, salt and pepper.

I cooled the al dente macaroni with water. Then I added in the dressing, 1/2 cup of sweet and spicy pickle relish (the recipe called for Wickle's pickles and I actually found some at Kroger's) and 1/2 cup of chopped black olives (I had sliced ones and just went with that). Now, the recipe called for three sliced green onions. But I didn't have those. So, I went with a diced shallot and a handful of snipped chives.

I dished out a bowl and ate it! Macaroni heaven!!!

I took a long nap.

It was still snowing when I woke up.

I decided it might be my own fault. So, I stripped the bed of the flannel sheets (they were old and had several holes worn in them, so they went into the trash). I washed my new set of cotton sheets (400 thread count and pale yellow) and when they were dry, I remade the bed.

Take that, winter!!!

I watched a little TV (I missed the Red Wings game, but they won and are in the playoffs for the 25 year in a row) and then went to bed.