Sunday, April 17, 2016


Saturday started out a little chilly, but it got up to a beautiful 72 sunny degrees.

I talked to Jake a little bit before I took my shower. I got dressed and headed out on my errands run.

First stop was my massage. Margaret dropped a bombshell on me. She, her father, her fella and his mother are all moving to a big house (six bedrooms, but only one bath) on a half acre of land in (of all places) Columbia, South Carolina!!!

Her fella (I wish I could remember his name) is a construction worker and they already have plans to convert the house to four bedrooms, each with their own bathroom.

They bought the house already, but won't be moving right away. She has to sell the house here in Livonia first.

I asked her if she could recommend another massage therapist and she said, "Why? You go down there four or five times a year, anyway. Just keep an hour open to stop by."

I guess that's doable...

She had started her tomatoes in the house and gave me three little ones as a present. They had outgrown their little container, so I will repot them at home.

From there, I went to Kroger's and picked up a few things. Then I went to the Feed Store and got more bird seed. Next I went to Costco and got more peanuts for the squirrels.

Finally, I went to Home Depot for more dirt. It was almost noon and the garden center was packed!

Back home, I unloaded everything and put it all away. I was changing my clothes to go outside and work. But, I decided to take a nap, first. So, I did.

Then I went out to the shed and got the wheelbarrow. I mixed up more dirt and finished filling up the porch rail planter. Then I went around to the back.

I noticed the chives needed cutting, so I got the scissors out and gave them a trim. I put the in a bowl and will cut them to length and put them in a baggie in the freezer for winter.

I was moving the wheelbarrow onto the patio when I hit one of the garden blocks next to the chives and the damn wheelbarrow tipped over! It made quite a mess and I spent a lot of time cleaning it up.

I filled the window box planter. This also took a long time, as I have to  use a coffee can. It's too heavy to lift if I fill it on the ground, and too high when its in place to use the shovel. Sigh...

I used more of the dirt to fill an old flowerpot. Then I put the three tiny tomatoes in it. I put in in the front window to get some sunshine. I'll probably move them outside during the day and inside at night until it gets warm enough to plant them.

I put everything away and washed up. I was hungry (having skipped breakfast and lunch) and thought a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup sounded good. But, when I checked, I didn't have any tomato soup! WTF? So, I went with bean and bacon, but it wasn't the same...

I watched some TV, but switched to reading before I went to bed.

I was just falling asleep when I remember I should have opened the windows in the house during the day to air it out! Damn! Well, I'll try doing it tomorrow (it's supposed to be even warmer).


  1. RE: "I have to use a coffee can. It's too heavy to lift if I fill it on the ground, and too high when its in place to use the shovel. Sigh..."
    It's a bitch getting old, isn't it John......

  2. I am learning that the hard way! :(

  3. You should still probably find a massage therapist for emergencies or in-between tune-ups.

  4. I agree. But don't have anywhere to look. She mentioned her old partner, but warned she wouldn't be as gentle as she was, knowing my many problems. I don't want to get beat up...