Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hump Day

It was a little cloudy and cool on Wednesday morning. I walked outside anyway.

I went to Applebees and got the three cheese pasta with chicken, but this time I got broccoli and chesse soup with it.

Then I went to Lowe's and window-shopped.

Back at work, Victoria gave me some rice and beef her Mom made. Dinner is done!

Once home, I treated the cat and changed clothes. It looked like the mulch out back was applied, so I went and checked. Looks a lot beter!

I went back inside and washed all the floors, except the living room and the downstairs. I used the Wet Jet on the wood ones and PineSol, a mop and a bucket on the kitchen and main bath.

I sat in the living room, reading, until it all dried.

I warmed up Evy's dinner. It was delicious!

I went back to reading until bedtime.


  1. Mulch looks good. I thought you took that stuff off the back wall?

  2. Yeah, it does look a lot better. I killed the damn Virginia creeper you om sent me, but never pulled the vines off the wall.