Sunday, April 10, 2016

Friday follies...

It was cold and snowy when I drove to work on Friday.

It was a dreary day. The only thing that made it better was Vicky asking me if I wanted to go to lunch.

We went to Applebee's. I got my usual (French onion soup and the three-cheese chicken pasta) but Victoria (ever the adventurer) got a chicken breast covered with some sauce and big shrimps. It came with roasted potatoes. At her urging, I tried some. The potatoes were awesome and the shrimp paired perfectly with the sauce (couldn't identify it: it was green and buttery).

Sidebar: I would seriously like to know how they seasoned those potatoes. They were crunchy outside and soft inside. I roast veggies a lot and never made them that good!

It either rained or snowed most of the rest of the day. Sigh...

Now, my neighbor had dug the hole for the mailbox on Thursday, but there was no 4x4 in it. But, when I got home Friday, there was!

So, I hurried up and treated the cat, changed clothes and got to work.

Now, I Googled this. The bottom of the mailbox is supposed to be 41-45 inches from the road. ALL of the mailboxes on my street are too low, since they paved the road (raising it up about a foot).  So, I took the 6-foot level, put it on the road, leveled it and marked the post. I went up 40 inches from my mark and used a small square to go around the post.

I got the 100-foot extension cord and the Skill saw and cut it to size.

Note: It looks way too tall but remember, my lawn is, like, three feet below the road.

I couldn't duplicate the old post Rick had put in when I was in the hospital getting my spinal (not enough 4x4) so, I cut down a 2x12 board and screwed it on to the post.

I took the leftover 4x4 and cut it to 45 degrees angles. I used 2 1/2 wood screws to secure it to the post and the 2x12.

I used pliers to fix the door of the mailbox and then beat it with a hammer and flat-bladed screw driver until it would close. Then I screwed it on to the 2x12.

Lastly, I screw the two reflectors back on (to deter the drunk drivers)

I still need to take off the house numbers from the old, destroyed, post and nail them up. But, at least I'm back in business. It was snowing hard when I finally finished.

Sidebar: Thanks to my postal worker who still delivered the mail, in spite of my problem.

Back inside, I was wet, cold and hungry. So, I changed clothes and made some tacos from my emergency Old El Paso box. I also warmed up a can of refried beans and ate way too much.

I cleaned up the mess and then went to bed.


  1. The shrimp dish does sound great. I was surprised to see you didn't put spikes on the mailbox post.