Saturday, April 23, 2016

Foggy Friday

It was damp, chilly and foggy Friday morning. It stayed mostly overcast the rest of the day (the sun did peak out a few times).

I walked outside both times, although it felt more like London than Livonia.

My old cubicle buddy had asked me if we wanted to go to lunch. Vicky said she was in, so we agreed to meet at Los Tres Amigos. Somehow this spiraled out of control and it ended up a party of eight!

Which would have been fine, I guess. Except I ended up at the opposite end of the two tables pushed together and couldn't even hear a word she said!

Our usually interesting conversation consisted of me saying "Hey, how you doing?" when she hugged me hello and "Bye, take it easy!" when she hugged me goodbye (Michelle's a hugger). The food was good, but it was a very disappointing lunch!

Late in the day they distributed tee shirts to all the employees, celebrating our company's 40th anniversary.

It was a payday so, back home, I worked on the computer while listening to the news. Then I got some glass cleaner and the paper towels and washed the glass surfaces in my room. Cleaning the house, baby-steps style, LOL!

I ate another chicken salad sandwich for dinner. But, I forgot to buy a bag of chips from the machine at work, dammit!

I got two new magazines in the mail, so I read them until bedtime.