Saturday, April 16, 2016

Finally Friday!

I overslept and it was a rushed morning on Friday. But, it was a beautiful day!

I went to lunch with Vicky. She wanted some sushi, so we went to a little Japanese restaurant on Haggerty, just across the parking lot from Mitchell's. I let her order (I don't eat enough sushi to know what's good). She got five different kinds. I loved two, liked two and didn't much care for one kind.

All in all, I ate way too much!

So, when I walked in the afternoon, I walked outside and longer than usual (it was so nice to walk outside again).

When I got home, I changed and got to work.

I dug out the old soil around the mailbox and used it to fill in the spaces in the retaining wall. Then I mixed up my magic dirt. I had enough to fill up that garden and the porch rail planter.

Sidebar: Now I just need a little more to fill the kitchen window box.

One of my neighbors (the family next to Rick's house) stopped their car in the street next to me. The wife rolled down her window and said, "John, you're making us look bad. We haven't even started our yard work!" I told her it's to early to plant outside, I was just fixing the mailbox.

I took some photos of the hyacinths, now in full bloom.

I put everything away in the shed and came in for the night. I ran the Kuereg empty after filling the reservoir up with white vinegar. Then I ran three more full tanks of just water to rinse it. I had an almost full load in the dishwasher, so I put the removable parts of the coffee maker in and fired it up.

My daughter Melissa called and we talked for a long time. Then I watched the end of the Red Wings game. They lost again and I went to bed, disgusted.


  1. Garden looks great! Glad your mailbox is done!

  2. Yeah, I'll plant it when its warmer here (probably mid-May).

  3. I miss sushi. You should go to Shiro sometime for lunch.

  4. Good idea! Not sure they do lunch. I did notice that the place we went to offered the Udon noddle soup Carla and I love, but didn't order it. Victoria was all about the sushi. I may go there myself and test the soup. That way I have someplace to take you guys next time you visit...