Friday, March 4, 2016

Winter Wonderland

It was cold when I woke up on Thursday (19 degrees here, but single digits outside the metro area).

It started to lightly snow around 10:00 a.m. But, it was a picture-perfect snow (looked like a snow globe snow) just softly snowing. It wasn't sticking on the vehicles or the driveway, so I enjoyed looking at it. I know that, sooner or later, winter will be gone.

We took my boss out to lunch for her birthday. The group consisted of Courtney, Jeff, Vicky, my boss and myself. We went to Thomas, a nearby restaurant. I got the "perogies of the week" and the French onion soup. Both were good, except the onions in the soup were diced rather than sliced. That was a bit weird.

It was still snowing, BTW.

It was still snowing on the way home, too. I took Plymouth Road so I could stop at Larry's Foodliner and get some mushrooms.

It was too cold to work in the garage for long, so I just adjusted the tension on the band saw and called it good.

Back inside, I watched the end of the news. Then I used the mushrooms, the last of the left over chicken, jarred alfredo sauce and penne past to make dinner. I plated it and tried it. It tasted flat. I should have added garlic powder to the chicken (it was cubed and fried, seasoned with just salt and pepper, if you remember).

I watched TV until 9:00 p.m. and then went to bed. It was still snowing, but with very little accumulation. Pretty...


  1. I didn't realize restaurants served perogies. Is that common up there?

  2. Here and there. We have a lot of Polish people up here (mostly in Hamtramick).