Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Tuesday's Tale

Tuesday was overcast, but with no fog here. I hauled the trashcan and the old window frame out to the road before I left for work.

I was feeling crappy, by the way. My knees, hips and both elbows hurt. This is the second day without Celebrex (per my surgeon, taking Celebrex will effect my Thursday surgery). I wish I had my cane (yeah, it's that bad) but I can't find it.

Sidebar: I can always tell when I forget to take my meds. It shows up in the late morning and gets worse in the afternoon. That was Monday... The idea of not taking Celebrex for three freaking days is scary!!!

So, I went online and ordered a new oak cane. I paid an extra charge to have it shipped in two-days.

Sidebar: My brother Carl had bought two oak canes, one for himself and one for my Mom years ago. He forgot me!!! When I mentioned this after Mom died, he said I could have her's. Um, no, it's too short! By that time, he forgot where he got it... Sigh...

The one I bought is not nearly as study, but it will work.

Before I left for lunch, Vicky sent me a message, asking where I was going. I asked her if she forgot her lunch and said I planned on Big Boy. She said she was going to the gym for lunch but wondered if I would bring her something back. I told her the menu was online, and to just let me know what she wanted. She picked soup, but wasn't too sure about either the broccoli and ham soup (is there cheese in it - I don't know) or chicken noodle.

I got my favorite waitress and finally ordered the meatloaf. The meatloaf was perfectly seasoned, but the mashed potatoes weren't real and the gravy was over powering. I'm just saying...

I got Ms. Victoria a cup of both soups.

When I got home after work, I left the truck outside and hauled the trashcan in. Then I went over the garage with a fine tooth comb and found my cane! I had hung it on the frame for the compound miter saw and it was covered with sawdust. It looked like one of the tubes that make up the frame, which is why I missed it.

I pulled the truck inside and went in to treat the very impatient cat.

I warmed up a can of Bush's beans and ate half of it with another hot dog for my dinner.

I watched NCIS and then tried to sleep. But, I would wake up every time I turned over.

I was pissed and bored. So, I got up in the middle of the night and watched a thunderstorm. Then I tried to sleep some more...


  1. If you decide to switch careers, look into being a spokesperson for Celebrex. Actually, I'm starting to wonder if they're secretly sponsoring you. I'm going to ask my doctor about it!

  2. LOL! It's Sunday as I am responding to your comment. I ate Celebrex when I got home from the hospital and every day since. No cane, no pain! Celebrex rocks!!!

    Although my doctor reminds me every time the side effects suck.