Friday, March 11, 2016


It was cooler and raining on Thursday morning. But, the majority of the rain was south of us, so we didn't get the washout we were forecast.

Vicky and I went to lunch at the Newburgh Grill. I got a Reuben sandwich and onion rings, for a change. Then we went to the nearest dollar store and bought tablecloths, napkins, plates and cups for Friday's "All Hands" meeting.

My low gas light came on, so I went to the gas station and got a shock! Gas was now $1.95 a gallon. I think I paid $1.59 the last time I filled up.

I stopped at CVS and got the prescription my surgeon called in on the way home.

I was tired so, other than emptying the dishwasher, I didn't do much after I got home. I ate leftovers and watched the Red Wings game. Then I went to bed.