Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Thoughts on MSG?

I have been eating MSG since I was in my 20's and first introduced to real Chinese food (Thanks, Danny and Bunny. RIP.)

But, then, a while back, it was decided by "experts" that MSG was bad. Whoa! WTF?

I thought about it...

"Experts" has said once that butter was bad. Then it was margarine and butter was good again. The same thing happened with eggs.

Sidebar: Why you so "expert," experts? (Nod to Carla, LOL!)

So, I decided to hell with it! MSG makes things taste GOOD!

Even marathon-running vegans gotta die of something, right? Why not enjoy the ride (however brief)?

So, I hereby declare my support for MSG! Real Chinese food, forever!!!


  1. Experts may have said that but not the experts you employ. The FDA says "go for it!"

    "These adverse event reports helped trigger FDA to ask the independent scientific group Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) to examine the safety of MSG in the 1990s. FASEB’s report concluded that MSG is safe."


  2. If we all lived on separate islands and really could act without having any impact on other people, then I say adults should be able to make their lives as long or as short as they want. But when another person’s right-to-smoke becomes my kid’s second-hand smoke cancer problem, or a person’s poor dietary choices cause their self-inflicted illnesses to jack up the price of medications for people sick without control (think certain types of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc., etc.), that’s when it stops being all about live free or die. Yeah, finding accurate information about MSG -- partially hydrogenated soybean oil, eggs, pork temps, whatever – can be irritating, but so what? At least finding reliable sources is easier now than it’s ever been before.

  3. "Sidebar: Why you so "expert," experts? (Nod to Carla, LOL!)"

    LMAO, good one Dad! You are a fast learner!

  4. @ Jyl: Yes, it is.
    @ Carla: I learned from the best!