Monday, March 7, 2016


I woke up early on Sunday. I ate some oatmeal for breakfast, THEN I took my meds. I watched the morning news while I drank a cup of coffee.

I finally shaved, showered and got dressed in my work clothes.

I swept and then vacuumed (with the wet-vac) the downstairs. I wanted to be sure and get all the glass up before Yanessa shows up.

The crew was supposed to show up around 1:00 p.m. So, at noon, I turned the oven on and baked some chocolate chip cookies. I was going to make clam chowder, but didn't get to that...

I pulled the truck outside in case we needed to use the garage. Vicky and Evy showed up a little later, but no Yanessa! It turned out her dad decided to pick her up at the last minute.

Fortunately, Vicky managed to eat a LOT of the cookies.

We went downstairs and Vicky and her mom added the accent stain to all the doors I had painted. I was just the adviser. It was fun to watch them work and interact. Unfortunately, since I don't speak Spanish, I had no idea what they were saying

My daughter Melissa called twice. I thought I shut off the phone but I guess I didn't.

Sidebar: When she called the second time, Vicky said I should answer it or the cops would come and smash another window, LOL!

When they finished, we sat in the kitchen and chatted. I had a cup of coffee and they both had some tea.

I sent home the rest of the cookies, and the goldfish crackers and the bananas I bought for 'nessa snacks.

When they left, I called Melissa back and we talked for a long time. She said she could hear us talking while I fumbled around, trying to turn the cell phone off.

When we hung up, I was tired. It had been a long day. So, I pulled the truck back inside, buttoned everything up and went to bed.

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