Sunday, March 20, 2016

Saturday's Story

Saturday was cold when I woke up (29 degrees here in Redford). And, since the high is only supposed to be 39 degrees today, it wasn't going to improve much!

So, I stayed in bed a long time, watching the news. Finally, I got hungry, so I heated up more biscuits and sausage gravy. I ate that with a cup of coffee.

Finally, I got my lazy ass out of bed and shaved, showered and got dressed in my work clothes (work-around-the-house clothes, not go-to-work-at-Spacely-Sprockets clothes).

Sidebar: My old pants are heavily frayed at both cuffs, have a belt loop ripped half off and have paint splattered all over them. You could ask Vicky or Evy's opinion, but I know I look like a bum. I don't care. These are my weekend work clothes, dammit!

I checked out the feeders from the main bathroom window. I saw my dear friend, the little red headed woodpecker, eating away at the suet cage and it made me smile. The sparrows were eating at the bird feeder, but I was puzzled by the squirrels. They were under the bird feeder, looking for spilled seeds, instead of eating the peanuts in the squirrel feeder! So, I grabbed my bird-watching binoculars and went back to the window.

That's when I saw three separate blue jays flying in and grabbing a peanut, flying off to crack them open to eat them and then flying back. They are big and mean and the squirrels are afraid of them.

Sidebar: Yesterday, when I filled up the feeder, I found the plastic insert I made laying on the ground. It wasn't broken, it had just been slid out. I couldn't understand that, as the feeder is not that wide and a squirrel could easily reach in to get the last peanut.

But today, as I watched, I saw the blue jays slide it up with their beaks! That explained that...

It was about 10:30 a.m. and I was already thinking about dinner (hey, its never too early to plan. right?)

I have enough of the corned beef and cabbage for two big dinners. But, do I really want to eat corned beef and cabbage two nights in a row? As a foodie, I think not!

So, I briefly thought about changing my clothes and then said, "Screw it!". I pulled the truck out (first time in three days) and headed for that little grocery store on Joy Road and Beech Daly. It's small but never crowded and I didn't feel like dealing with Kroger's or Meijer's. Plus, I like flirting with the Arabic checkout girl, LOL!

I don't trust their produce much (I've been burned before) but I bought a head of lettuce. I need to eat a few more salads as I swear I'm getting fatter, just sitting around. I bought some Italian dressing (for the upcoming salads) and another bottle of Thousand Island dressing (it's a little store and they didn't have Russian dressing, nor did I expect they would). I bought a bag of off-brand sauerkraut and a loaf of bakery rye bread. I wanted some Swiss cheese slices, but they don't have them pre-packaged. So, I went to the deli and got a half pound of Swiss cheese, sliced thin.

Finally, I got a bag of Better-Made Wavy chips. You guessed it (so did the deli lady), I'm gonna make a Reuben sandwich for tonight's dinner!

Back home, I treated the cat, put everything away and filled in the Blog entry to date.

It's hard to believe (at least for me) but that little trip tired me out! So, I took a nap instead of doing the myriad things I had planned.

When I woke up, three crows had replaced the blue jays and were also harassing the poor squirrels.

Sidebar: I live in the hood, here, and it's a tough life!

I had a couple of texts, asking how I was doing and did I need anything. Nice to know people who care...

So, I eventually made myself dinner. I buttered the outside of the rye bread and then put Thousand Island on the insides. I added a slice of Swiss cheese, then some drained sauerkraut, corned beef and another slice of Swiss cheese.

I heated the sandwich up in my 10-inch frying pan until the bread was golden brown and the cheese was melting. I plated it with some chips and a McClure's pickle and ate a fantastic dinner!!!

Everything after that was anticlimactic.I watched the last half of "Deliverance," a very disturbing old movie and why I try NOT to stop for gas in West Virginia. Then I went to bed.


  1. Glad your back to your old

  2. Have you ever tried McClure's chips?

  3. @ GPF: Food is good (why doesn't that rhyme?)
    @ Jyl: No. Didn't know they made them.

  4. They’ve got three flavors: Bloody Mary, Garlic Dill, and Spicy Pickle. They’re kettle chips (you like those, if I remember correctly). Meijer has them.

  5. Maybe the birds are just paying the squirrels back for all the feed they used to steel from their feeder.

  6. That could be, come to think of it!