Saturday, March 19, 2016

Resting up on Friday

I was hungry Friday morning. Since I had the day off, I decided to make biscuits and sausage gravy. The sausage gravy was home made, but I cheated on the biscuits. They were from a Pillsbury roll.

The hospital called to see how I was doing. I said fine, except for this ever-expanding bruise. They asked if I took blood thinners or aspirin. I said no, my family just bruises easily. They asked if I had made a follow-up appointment with the surgeon and I said I didn't know I was supposed to.  They suggested I call and check, so I will, later.

Speaking of my surgery, my arm is mostly a dull ache, unless I extend it to pick up something or its close to taking my pills.

Sidebar: According to the discharge papers, I'm not supposed to pick up anything over 10 pounds! Since my spinal, the limit was 30 pounds, so I'm sliding backwards... But, I don't know just how long this will be in effect (I really have sh*t to do).

It was much colder today. I guess that should teach me not to rely too much on past 60 degree days in March! I had to turn the thermostat up as it's programmed and normally goes back to 68 during the weekdays.

Before I could call the surgeon's office, they called me. So, I have an appointment for next Thursday to get the results of the biopsy and a follow up. I'm not worried about the biopsy, but was wondering how long until this Super Glue falls off or do I have to have it removed... I'm old and used to stitches!

I finally got around to shaving and showering about 9:30 a.m. I was grateful as, for the last three days, I have had to shower with Dial antibacterial soap (per doctor's order). I'm an Ivory Soap guy, so, not only does it smell funny, but it breaks my skin out.

I scrubbed and I scrubbed to get the betadine solution off my right arm. They slavered it on me and my arm looked like I was a Puerto Rican.

I was in my robe and back in the bedroom when I saw I had a text from Courtney, telling me to go look on my porch. WTF? Before I could respond, I got a call from Vicky who said, "Go look on your porch!" I told her to give me a damn moment to get my pants on.

When I did, I went and checked and found an Edible Arrangement in a lovely yellow vase. The card said, "Heal up fast! We miss you already!" and was signed by Lenore (my boss), Jeff, Victoria and Courtney. The nice part was that nothing was dipped in chocolate, like they usually are (Type 2 diabetes, and they remembered).

I work with some beautiful people!

Sidebar: I am going to have to take Fred to task and ask him why he didn't kick in, LOL!

I ate most of it for lunch. Then I took yet another short nap.

Sidebar: I have done nothing but nap since my surgery.

When I woke up, I thought I really needed to go outside and get some air. So, I went out and refilled all the feeders. I took a look around and saw just how much trash had been added to the normal winter mess by the high winds.

So, I got some gloves, my stick with the nail in it and a garbage bag. I started on the north side, walking to the back, picking up trash. At the rear garden (next to the wall) it was much worse, of course.

I got about half way down the wall when I saw it! The high winds had snapped a large bottom branch off my flowering tree!!! Dammit!

So, I took the bag of trash in the house and got the bow saw. I sawed it off left-handed (not easy, but better than ticking off my right arm) and managed to get it over the fence. I quit at that point.

I rested up watching the nightly news. When it ended at 7:00 p.m., I went and made dinner. I breaded the last two tilapia fillets and baked them along with some tater tots.

Sidebar: I have decided I hate tilapia! It is too thin and seriously b-o-r-i-n-g! Give me some catfish or cod!!!

Although, I must admit I bought some frozen mahi mahi for an Asian dish I've yet to make. We'll see...

Anyway, I made some tartar sauce for the fish and topped the tater tots with ketchup. It was a boring meal but filled me up.

I cleaned up the mess and tried watching some TV. But, I couldn't get interested in anything, so I read until I fell asleep.


  1. glad your feeling a little better.....

  2. Would recommend finding a frozen biscuit that you like for these in a pinch moments versus Pillsbury rolls. They last a lot longer and aren't as "smushy." That was very nice of everyone at your work (except Fred) and I am sorry about your tree.

  3. Replies
    1. I'm sorry about Fred

    2. He's 70 years old and probably didn't hear them when they asked for contributions, LOL!