Wednesday, March 30, 2016

On the Road Again...

I woke up early on Tuesday morning. I posted the Blog entry, ate some oatmeal for breakfast and downed my pills Then I shaved, showered and got dressed. But I didn't go to work...

I went to the airport instead. I'm flying down to South Carolina for a short visit with Jake and Carla (since we missed Easter this year).

It was cold in the D, so I wore my raincoat. I figured it could do double duty in SC should it rain. That was a mistake!

I also figured that, with the Belgium airport bombing, security at Detroit Metro would be intense, so I planned on getting there two hours early. That also was a mistake...

I left home around 7:30 a.m. for a 10:30 flight. I gave myself an extra half hour to find a parking space. I found one in less than five minutes!

And, five minutes after getting into the terminal, I began to sweat. I took off my raincoat and had to haul it around for the rest of both flights.

Also, there was no sign of increased security. In fact, there seemed to be less! They didn't have the drug/bomb sniffing dog going up and down the checkpoint lines and I didn't have to take my belt or shoes off!

At first I was pissed at myself for being over-cautious. Then I was pissed at my government for not giving a shit if I lived or died.

So, I sat there for two hours. I thought of getting some food, but I wasn't hungry. So, I bought a cup of coffee and then I sat and read...

I had almost half of my first book finished before I finally boarded.

The flight down to Charlotte was smooth and uneventful; clear skies and no turbulence.

I did have to hustle to get to the other side of the terminal and the next gate, though.

Sidebar: You usually land on time, then the pilot uses up half of your layover time taxing to the damn gate!

But I got there with just enough time to use the restroom before the sheduled boarding time. The scheduled boarding time came and went...

Jake sent me a text saying he would be late as he just picked up an unscheduled meeting. I told him not to worry as I was still on the ground in North Carolina.

It turned out our plane was sitting on the tarmac, being worked on by many maintenance workers. The computer had issued a warning upon landing and they had to re-calibrate all the systems.

It had something to do with the weight limit as, eventually, they asked for five volunteers to go on the 4:00 flight (with the promise of a $200.00 voucher). It was a full flight, but several people stepped up and took one for the team.

We finally boarded over an hour late. Then, they said the weight thing was better, so they let another passenger on. Five minutes later, they had another one board. All but one passenger boarded. But that one was scheduled to sit next to me, so I was grateful.

It's a short flight from Charlotte to Columbia (less than a half hour). I got my checked bag and walked outside to wait for Jake. He was there in less than five minutes, so our miss-matched timing all worked out in the end.

Carla had dinner already in the oven by the time we got there. I changed into something less sweaty and more comfortable. We sat and talked for a while, catching up.

Carla asked if we were ready to eat or should she hold it. I was hungry by then, so I voted for an early dinner.

She had made chicken enchiladas, but used tomatillo salsa instead of tomato based sauce. We topped them with fresh diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce and sour cream (I passed on the avocado). We had refried beans on the side. A splash of lime juice and we were good to go!

Sidebar: She said to make it correctly, (roasting the tomatilloes, etc.), it takes her a few days! I wouldn't have the patience, but it was worth it!!!

We watched a little TV and talked a bit, but went to bed before 9:00 p.m. I, for one, was beat!


  1. Hello Jake and Carla, enjopy your trip, John.

  2. Hello, Uncle Carl!

    When they mentioned the weight issue with the plane did you start weighcially profiling the passengers?