Tuesday, March 15, 2016


It was foggy here on Monday, which is unusual. What was even more weird is that it stayed foggy until about 10:00 a.m.

I got an update from Paul on the mechanic (I still have never heard his name). Paul is the building manager and stayed with him at the hospital until his family could be located and then show up. He is off the ventilator and out of Intensive Care.They moved him from St. Mary's to a hospital closer to his home and he is talking and walking (a little). He had 90% blockage so he is lucky!

I got a survey in the mail from Home Depot, asking me how my home appointment went. It had the name and phone number of the Detroit area manager. So, I tried to call him and discuss my lack of service. THE PHONE NUMBER LISTED HAD BEEN DISCONNECTED!!! So, I took the survey and gave them a zero and a piece of my mind. I'm going to Lowe's...

I went to Newburgh Grill for lunch. Then I walked down to CVS and bought some Dial soap (I have to shower with Dial soap the morning of my operation).

When I got home after work, I treated the cat and changed clothes as I always do.

Sidebar: I don't know why I keep telling you that. I think you should know it by now.

I used the painter's knife to scrape as much of the caulk off the back door as I could. Then I got the trash ready for tomorrow morning. I went through the fridge as well and pitched the lettuce and some things that were past the expiration date.

I ate leftovers for dinner. I turned two of the hot dogs into chili dogs with Hormel no-bean chili, chopped onions and mustard. No, its not the same, but they were good.

I watched a little TV but went to bed by 9:00 p.m.


  1. Are you going to be okay driving places before your surgery?

  2. I don't understand your question.

  3. You keep talking about your surgery, not having Celebrex (which, as you word it, makes you “crippled up without it”), etc. Are you going to be able to drive while “crippled up”?

  4. Oh. Sure! I just can't walk without pain in all my joints (and now my lower back). But, I took my Celebrex this afternoon and I should be back to normal (or what passes for "normal" with me) in a few days.

  5. Try Wolf Brand no bean chili next time. I've done a lot of taste testing and for my money that one comes the closest to right.

  6. @ Jake: I'll try that next time. Thanks!