Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Every four years, they give you an extra day...

and it's a Monday??

It was cooler, but still windy on Monday.

The Home Depot guy called around 9:30 a.m. He said, based on the measurements, he thinks he found the manufacturer of my back door. And, they do sell a replacement window! I bought it on the spot! He said it would probably be in next Monday.

I went to Time Out for a quick lunch. I had a pulled pork sandwich and fries (the soup didn't sound that interesting). Then I went to Lowe's and got more sanding belts. The wind had picked up and I had trouble opening the truck door against it!

Back home after work, I changed clothes and got to work! I replaced the sanding belt, turned on the wet-vac and sanding the board equal to the sub floor. Then I made a mixture of 2/3 primer and 1/3 water (so it soaks into the wood) and painted the board its first coat.

I cleaned up. Then I cored the cauliflower, cut it into florets and boiled it all. When it was fork tender, I drained it. I put half of it into a bowl, topped it with butter and salt and had an excellent "Meatless Monday" meal.

I started watching the Red Wings game. I made it through the first two periods. But it was almost 10:30 p.m. and I was tired. So, I turned it off and went to bed.


  1. Don't worry, the next one is a Saturday.

  2. “mixture of 2/3 primer and 1/3 water (so it soaks into the wood)”

    Who told you that?

  3. @Jake: Thank God!
    @ Jyl: I researched it online (searching for "making self-stick tiles stick to plywood). I was worried. I knew they stuck easily to the pebbly press wood sub floor, but how would they do on slick plywood? The consensus was a first coat of watered-down primer and then another coat of straight primer. You do have to roll it though, which I never did when replacing the original self-stick.