Saturday, March 12, 2016

A weird-ass Friday

I left early for work on Friday. It was a lot more chilly than the past few days, BTW.

Since I'm the only one in the department entrusted with a corporate credit card (or maybe the only one stupid enough to say "Sure, I'll do that.") I had some shopping to do.

So, first I stopped at Larry's Foodliner and bought three jugs of orange juice. Then I went to the Looney bakery and got four dozen doughnuts and two dozen muffins.

My shopping spree did not end there as, at 9:30 a.m., I went to Biggby coffee and got five boxes of various flavored coffee. I dropped all of that off at our Building 12 (the museum) for our quarterly "All Hands" meeting.

Courtney had already gotten the table cloths on and everything set up. So, we hauled everything in and were ready when everybody started to show up.

The presentation went well and I think my boss had the best (she had asked me to edit it and I couldn't find a damn thing wrong with it - not even a comma!)

Unfortunately, when she was done, she made a point of thanking me and Courtney for our efforts.

Sidebar: I asked her last year not to do that, but she now does it just to piss me off! Seriously!!!

After the meeting ended, I talked to Bill Meir, the head of our ERP group. He has been off work for a while and came in walking with a cane. Apparently he had something done on his hip. I told him, "Hey I am the official department crip and you are NOT going to get my handicapped parking space!" He laughed his ass off.

So, we started to pack up all the leftovers (and there were a lot; we over-bought). I sent two dozen donuts to Building 73, for example.

When I walked out, there was a fire truck in front of Building 4 (next to my Building 3). I saw a guy outside and asked what was going on. He said a mechanic had a heart attack. Then I noticed there was an ambulance at the rear of the building.

When I got inside, I found out it was not any mechanic onsite. He was on loan from Building 15. My friend, Carl, a Building 3 mechanic, was visibly shaken (he was working alongside the guy). Fortunately, some folks knew CPR and they had worked on him for five minutes before the EMT's showed up.

They worked on him for 15 minutes and he was still unresponsive But, he finally got a pulse and they transported him to St. Mary's.

That put a bit of a damper on the day...

Update: Last I heard, he was on a ventilator and they were "chilling"  him out. Later they will see if there was any  brain or physical damage.

I went to Ten Yen for lunch. Then I went to Best Buy and bought a cheap radio/CD player for the garage.

Sidebar: The boom box Carla left me finally crapped out last year. I loved listening to WDET on the weekend while I worked and I do leave it on the stereo in the living room. But, I can't hear it out in the garage. So, I broke down and spent $35.00. I needed music back in my life!!!

It was a payday, so when I got home after work, I did some online financial stuff. Then I did the grocery and ToDo lists.

I watched a stupid, lame movie and went to bed halfway through it.


  1. 1. Wish the mechanic a speedy recovery.
    2. Good line with Bill.
    3. What was the movie so I can avoid or defend it?

  2. LOL! You know, I have forgotten the name of the movie (it was very forgetable).