Thursday, February 25, 2016

Winter Wednesday

It was snowing fat, wet snowflakes when I woke up on Wednesday. The grass and driveway were both already covered in white. <groan>

On the other hand, last year we had extreme cold, the year before extreme snowfall. This year has been amazingly mild, so I guess we were due.

I had shut off the alarm and went back to sleep (I didn't sleep well last night) so I had to hustle getting ready. But, I didn't try to hurry on the way into work.

Sidebar: I have lived 67 years in Michigan weather and I know better than to try and drive fast in slushy, sloppy road conditions.

I still got there before 8:00 a.m..

It was still snowing at noon. I cleaned off about two inches of snow on the windshield and headed out to Big Boy. The place was almost empty, with few customers and the waitresses, standing around and chatting.

I got my old favorite, the veal Parmesan. I got about halfway through my salad when my waitress brought the entree. I said, "Wow! You guys are fast today." The waitress said, "The cooks have no orders."

When I was paying, I asked the manager about my favorite waitress (I haven't seen her in over a month and was afraid she quit). She reassured me she still worked there. They have rotating days off and I apparently come in on the wrong days.

The temperature was above freezing (at least according to the truck). The winds had picked up, driving the snow sideways, but the roads were just sloppy. When I passed over I-96, I saw a county truck plowing and salting.

It switched to freezing rain around 2:00 p.m.

I took I-96 on the way home. It was sloppy and I started wondering just how much windshield washer fluid I had left.

When I got to San Jose, I put it in 4-wheel drive as the plows and salt trucks hadn't gotten to the side roads yet. I pulled into the garage and realized the floor would be a mess tomorrow morning, when all the snow on the truck and in the bed melts.

For dinner, I warmed up Michelle's soup. I seasoned it (she warned me she didn't use any salt) and then ate it all. It was a delicious take on Melissa's cabbage soup.

I watched some taped TV and then went to bed early. It was snowing again, BTW.


  1. I thought you had a bed cover?

  2. No, it would interfere with my deliveries (if I ever make any, LOL)