Friday, February 26, 2016

Winter Thursday

I woke up early, so I left early. I had to use the 4-wheel drive to get out of the drive and to Plymouth Road, but after that, it was just slushy, not slippery. It was windy, cold and snowing, BTW

I did stop at O'Rielly's to buy a jug of windshield washer fluid. I put it in on the spot and it took almost the whole gallon!

I had the front office to myself all day.  Lenore and Fred were both snowed in. Jeff got stuck trying to make it in and Courtney said her side street was solid ice.

Sidebar: I think, since she lives even closer to work than I do, Courtney just wanted a snow day.

So, I was the only one in the front office. I turned the radio on to give me some background inspiration and got on with the day.

I answered some intense emails (one of our guys hadn't backed up his files and his hard drive failed). So I overnighted it to Kroll in Minnesota and paid them to look at it. They stuck it in their clean room and managed to save all but 4 MB of data.

Cost $1500.00 bucks, but problem solved. They will overnight an external hard drive with the files tomorrow. I paid for it with the corporate credit card I have.

Vicky popped in while steeping her morning tea. We chatted for a bit, with nobody to distract us. She asked if I would like to go to lunch (it's been a while). I said, "Sure! Where you want to go?"

She said that Doug Josey (our telecom tech) had been talking up the Cozy Cafe. It is new and located in the strip-mall at Levan and Plymouth. So we went there at noon.

Sidebar: DON'T!

It is  good-sized place, but there were only two other tables of customers. There were two waitresses so you would think the service would be great. But everything took forever, even just getting our water. We were both cold, so we each ordered a cup of chicken noodle soup and a sandwich. Our soup finally showed up after our entree! The waitress explained that she wanted to make sure it was nice and hot! Where was it? In the fridge? It did taste bland and old...

My Reuben sandwich was pretty good, but for $8.99 I would have thought it might come with fries, not the potato chips and skinny pickle slice I was served.

Anyway, with poor service and mediocre, over-priced food, the Cozy Cafe is off my list!

I was telling her about stopping on the way in for windshield washer fluid and she said hers ran out on the way into work. She loves the truck, but thinks she's too short to add some more. So, we stopped at the gas station for a gallon and, after we finally figured out how the hood safety latch worked, I filled it up for her.

Note: The reservoir was conveniently located in the front and now she knows she can add it herself. Which is good as she hates asking for help.

She gave me her lunch as my reward.

It finally stopped snowing. Now it was just windy and cold...

The afternoon passed slowly. My brother Carl called with a computer problem (His Outlook email stopped working. I talked to the techs and they came up with two fixes, so I called him back. He tried both of them. Neither appeared to work. So, I had him start it in safe mode. He said he'd call me back Friday morning with the results.

Finally I was home and treating the cat. I changed my clothes and then went back to doing my taxes online. I wish I could say that was fun, but it wasn't!

I had some leftover that needed to be eaten or pitched, so I saved Evy's food for Friday.

I went to bed at 9:00 p.m.


  1. When did Spacely Sprockets get soft? In my day, we drove up hill to and from work in 2WD and there was no such thing as "snow days."

  2. I don't believe they got paid for taking off. But, I'm with you! We never had "snow days" when I was in school!!!