Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Tuesday's Tale

I rolled the now-filled trashcan out to the road before I left for work. It was 34 degrees and clear with no wind outside.

I enjoyed the sighting of the full Hunger moon on the way in.

Sidebar: Among Native Americans, each month's full moon has a name. Hey, it makes sense. They didn't know January, February, etc. So how else could they designate when something (their kid being born, etc) happened. The lack of hunted game nailed it. So, February, at least in Michigan's Algonquin tribes, it was known as the Hunger moon. It was also known as the Snow Moon (obvious) or the Bone Moon (sucking on bones for the marrow) in other tribes.

Anyway, it was beautiful.

It was chilly, but sunny and that made all the difference.

My friend Michelle from Facilities came over to drop off some soup. She said she had been telling a friend about my daughter Melissa's cabbage soup (I had shared the soup and the recipe with her, years ago). Her friend suggested that if she just added ground beef and some rice, it would make Golumpki soup! So, she tried it and wanted me to taste it.

Sidebar #1: If you are not Polish, or not have married a Polish first wife like I did, you might not know what Golumpki is. Here in Michigan, we would call it stuffed cabbage.

Sidebar #2:I had to laugh. She had all the rice one one side and the soup on the other in the same container. Her explanation was that she didn't want the rice to suck up all the juice before I heated it up. What's funny is that Evy does the same damn thing! Maybe Polish and Puerto Rican is not that different? A chilling thought!!!

Sidebar #3: She gave me my final feedback on my chili. She said it was excellent! So, with four taste testers vouching for it (Evy said it tasted like it was made with love, which I thought was sweet), I decided to publish it as my recipe. You can make it as is, but I am determined to figure out how to use fresh garlic instead as I usually have a lot of garlic on hand.

For some reason, which I still don't understand, somebody gave IT $100.00 for services rendered. So, they bought pizza, cheesy bread sticks, a big salad and sodas for lunch. I got a slice of meat lovers, a slice of vegetarian and one bread stick and made that my lunch.

Sidebar: I have been accused of being a grumpy old man recently by a Latino chica. So, I am not going to go off on thick crust (free) pizza. But that ain't right.

Let's just say the pizza was good, but a little bit "bready."

The cheesy bread was cold and, without a dipping sauce, boring, I threw most of the piece I had away.

I still needed a break from work,so I took a trip down the Hines Park parkway. No sign of spring and the only joggers were bundled up like Eskimos.

We did reach a high of 41 degrees, which was nice. But all hell is supposed to break loose tomorrow...

I retrieved the trash can and the mail after work. Then I took the night off.

I realized I had left the damn soup in the fridge at work!!!  So, I improvised.

Not sure I mentioned it, but I had made tuna salad for lunch over the weekend. I added in three hard boiled eggs and some green onions to the usual tuna, mayo and Dijon mustard. Since mayo-based stuff gets funking (watery) in the fridge if it sets too long, I ate that for dinner tonight. Instead of a sandwich, I smeared it on Triscuits.

I watched the news and then the Red Wings before going to bed.


  1. Speaking of mustard: As opposed to checking the condiment aisle for hot mustard, check the international aisle. English mustard is hot by design.