Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tough Tuesday...

It had snowed a little bit over night. It made the trash can run to the road a little slippery.

I got to work around 7:20 a.m. and there was nobody here! WTF? Where is Courtney?

My boss got it a little bit later and said that Courtney was staying home today. So, when Fred and Jeff got in, I suggested that Jeff play some of his jazz music for a change (Courtney has the radio tuned to one of those "I Heart" stations that basically play the same damn songs over and over). He asked if I had a preference and I said, "Anything that isn't Adele whining!"

I went and picked up my new glasses. I can definitely see better, but I'm not sure I look better...

I had no time to each lunch as a restaurant, so I stopped at the Farmington Burger King and got some of those chicken nuggets Jake raves about. I was never sure if it was their taste or their price he liked.
I thought you got sauce with them, but I didn't. They weren't bad plain, though.

Sidebar: I did text Jake and ask about the sauce. He said they come with two and they should have asked, but he always specifies BBQ.

Funny story about my new glasses. I came in the office and John, an older tech, said, "I didn't know you wore glasses!" I thought he was kidding, but he insisted he wasn't. They I went to get some coffee and Nicole, the receptionist, said, "Wow! I didn't realize you wore glasses!" She wasn't kidding, either.

Apparently my wire frames were a bit more discreet.

I got the trash can in and buttoned up the house for the night. I peeled and cut up two russet potatoes. I put them in the Dutch oven, covered them with a bag of sauerkraut and topped that with sliced smoked sausage. I brought it to a boil, turned it to a simmer and covered it.

While I waited for supper. I tried to call my Brother Jim and wish him a happy birthday. I just got his voicemail.

I ate dinner while watching the end of the news.

Jim did called me back and we chatted briefly.

I watched most of NCIS. But, I was snuggled under the cover and fell asleep before the end.


  1. Your glasses look nice.

  2. Thanks! I'm still on the fence about them, but the feedback has all been positive.

  3. I dig em like Honey Smacks.