Monday, February 29, 2016


I woke up at the usual time. I watched the news when it came on while I stripped the bedding. That went into the washer. I finally got dressed and headed to Home Depot. I took along the frame from the door window on the odd chance they might sell them. I was determined to either come back with the window or a new door.

A very helpful associate told me they don't carry the windows, but then he spent a long time researching it on his computer. He thought he finally found the manufacturers but they wouldn't be opened on Sunday. So, he said he's call them Monday morning and call me back.

I bought some suet and then went to Costco for more peanuts. It was packed!

Back home,I refilled the feeders and left the truck out. It was warm, but windy! We eventually broke the record when we got up to 64 degrees!

I needed to sand down that floor board, but didn't want the house to be filled with sawdust. I thought the hose on the wet-vac might lips over the discharge tube on the sander. But there were both the same size. So, I took one of the attachments (that I don't use) and sawed off the end that the hose hooks into. I put it on the sander, stuck the hose in it and held it all together with duct tape.

I turned both on and it worked like a charm!!!

I had sanded it down almost as far as I needed when the 60 grit belt clogged up. I went out in the garage to get another one AND COULDN'T FIND THEM!!! I know I have some, dammit! I should have got some when I was in Home Depot, sigh...

So, I left everything out and pulled the truck inside. I made up the bed, did the last load of weekend laundry and took a nap.

Carla's mother's call woke me up. Acenter and I chatted for a bit. After we hung up, I realized how hungry I was (no breakfast or lunch). So, I opened a large can of chop suey vegetables, put in have the chicken I'd fried up and warmed that up while I made some microwave rice.

I put the two together, added some soy sauce and had an excellent supper.

My daughter Melissa called. She was pulling the carpeting off her stairs and then pulling out the staples with a pair of pliers. We talked for a while. When we hung up, I turned on the TV. I watched First Blood 4. Then I turned on the Oscars (not that I was that interested, I just wanted to see how Chris Rock would handle the diversity complaints). He was hilarious and did it well, I thought.

I watched it for a little while until I got bored. Then I read a new magazine  that came in the mail yesterday until bedtime

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