Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Monday morning, I got a text from Victoria. She had been at the hospital since 5:00 a.m. Yanessa has pneumonia! They sent her home with antibiotics. Evy is staying home with her today and Vicky will take tomorrow off.

Poor little kid!

Vicky is still downriver, doing inventory, so the day passed slowly.

I went to lunch at the Big Boy. I got the cup of soup (broccoli and ham) and a half sandwich (grilled three cheese and a tomato slice). It was delicious.

I left work a little early and got my latest prescription (Prilosec) filled.

Back at home, I did a belated load of weekend wash done.

I brought home a bag of Better Made chips from the machine at work. So, I ate that with another liverwurst sandwich. This time I remembered the pickle as well.

I watched a movie on the DVD. Next I watched the Iowa caucus returns. Then I went to bed…   


  1. were you excited about the Caucus results?

  2. I was excited that Rubio did so well.

  3. Is the tomato on the grilled cheese or on the side?

  4. The tomato slice is in the cheese.

  5. Interesting. It does not make it too wet?