Saturday, February 13, 2016

Frozen Friday

It was cold again on Friday, but the wind wasn't as bad. Still, it brought it home to me yet again. I am 67 years old and love Michigan, but why in the hell do I live in a place where my face hurts? I dunno... Lazy, I guess.

Around noon, the snow squalls started. Perfect...

Today was the infamous diaper party for Josh. I left early for Los Tres Amigos to see if Courtney needed help. She didn't and my being there ended up with a less-than-perfect seating arrangement. Thankfully, I saved a seat for Michelle and seeing her saved me. I should have saved one for Vicky as well...

I got the cup of tortilla soup and the Enchilada lunch. The soup was probably authentic, but after eating Buddy's or the late Max & Erma's tortilla soup, it didn't even taste right.

The enchilada lunch was excellent.

Back at work, heavy snow came and went. Going out at lunch and warming the windshield meant I had to scrape the damn frozen windshield at 5:00 p.m.

I had checked Google maps (I always do before leaving) and there was an accident on eastbound I-96 at Beech Daly. Traffic was backed up before Merriman. So, I drove Plymouth Road home.

Once home, I treated the cat and changed clothes.

It was payday, so I did some online banking.

I ate leftovers for dinner and watched the Red Wings game until bedtime.


  1. Where is Los Tres Amigos?

  2. It's apparently a growing chain. Lenore and Courtney have been in the one in Howell, Lenore was in the one in Ann Arbor. I saw one in Farmington, when I got my eyes examined. But this one is new and is on Ann Arbor Road, right before I-275.