Saturday, February 20, 2016

Finally Friday

Sidebar: I know I use that title a lot, but this week it's really true. For some reason, I thought Wednesday was Thursday until somebody corrected me. Then the week seemed to stretch out forever!

When I woke up on Friday, it was finally warmer! 36 degrees!!! The weekend warm-up had started!!!

But (there's always a but) it was windy. In fact, we had a "wind advisory" in all the counties from the Ohio border to the tip of the thumb.

You remember the diaper party for Josh? Well, his wife sent in some bakery-bought cookies as a thank you. I had a huge oatmeal raisin one that was excellent.

I went to Time Out to get the fish and chips for lunch. It was warmer and windier. Since there's no precipitation in the forecast, I thought I'd get the truck washed. Apparently, everyone else had the same idea!

The entry driveway to the car wash at Joy and Newburgh winds around a center island where the vacuum machines are. That was so full of cars and trucks that I could barely pull in off of Newburgh! I probably had ten vehicles in front of me. But they were washing the cars and trucks at an amazing rate. So, I finally got through and back to work

Sidebar: It wasn't the best hand drying the truck ever got there, but at least the damn salt is off it.

Courtney was off during the day (she came in early to get some work done) so it was jazz day again. She did drop in with her youngest, Christian, in the afternoon. So, Lenore, Vicky and I took turns holding and playing with him. He is a very solemn kid. I've seen him smile, but never laugh. Even Vicky couldn't get him to laugh and she's funny!

Back home after work, I was ambushed by my San Jose Street Irregulars. Three of the little girls who helped me out last Fall came to the door and asked for work. I told them with all the wind, there would be small branches everywhere in the back yard, so come back tomorrow afternoon.

By the way, the high today was 60 degrees!!! But the winds (sustained 36 mph with gust up to 50!) never stopped.

I worked on the computer, making the grocery list and the ToDo list.

I warmed up more of the sausage and sauerkraut for dinner. I didn't feel like watching TV, so I read until bedtime.