Saturday, February 6, 2016

Finally, Friday

(It’s been a long week…)

As I said, I woke up, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on Friday. I had a cup of coffee and some peanut butter toast for breakfast. I stopped in at the Saint Mary’s off-site laboratory (Farmington and Oaklawn) where I used to get blood drawn when my doctor was in Richmond. They open at 7:00 a.m. and there’s usually nobody there, except the nurse. There wasn’t today, so I got the blood work done that Tri-County asked for.

Sidebar: I missed doing it on Monday and the rest of the week sucked!

I still got to work a half hour early.

Vicky made it in today. She looked dead tired, but said Yanessa is doing better, up, playing and talking her head off. She said Yanessa’s breathing still sounds weird, but the antibiotics seem to be working.  Poor little kid! Her Abuela (Grandmother) is watching her today.

It’s been over a week since my procedures, so today I can have roughage again. I went to the Newburgh Grill and got a cup of clam chowder (so-so, but I knew that going in – ain’t nobody beats my clam chowder) and a Mini-Greek salad. Believe me when I tell you, I enjoyed the hell out of every beet, red onion, pepperoncini, Kalamata olive, lettuce and feta cheese in that roughage salad!!!

From there, I went and got the truck washed again.

Back at work, I spent the afternoon working and being amazed at how good I felt.

Back home, I got a letter from Tri-County, letting me know all (ALL) the polyps they collected from top and bottom were benign. I suspected as much, but whew!

I spent a while making up my Saturday grocery shopping list. It’s not small, but I have things I need, things I want and things to snack on for the 50th Super Bowl.

Sidebar: I am NOT a big football fan (give me hockey any day) but I plan on watching. I probably told you this already, but I actually watched the first Super Bowl. Fran and I were visiting some friends at the time and Chuck turned it on. I have no idea who was playing, but we watched it while we chatted. So, I thought, maybe I should watch this one. I don’t care who wins, but it’s the commercials and the half-time show that are interesting…

Then I did the ToDo list: Depressing!

For dinner, I ate the bean and ham soup my friend Michelle M. brought me in on Monday (roughage I couldn’t eat) and then the rest of the chicken fried rice.

I watched a show on Druids on the National Geographic channel and went to bed at 10:00 p.m.

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