Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Fat Tuesday

I was up early on Tuesday, so I thought I'd eat breakfast. I warmed up the left over tater tots in the microwave.


Those crispy golden delights turn to mush. Yuck!

It was snowing pretty hard when I drove into work and the roads were slippery. I saw a salt truck on Plymouth Road. It snowed off and on all day.

As I said, it was Fat Tuesday which, in Southeast Michigan, means paczki day! Somebody brought them in so, against my better judgment, I ate one. My better judgement was right!

Sidebar: No, I am not a big fan. It's my belief that most people buy and eat them because "they are here only once a year," not because they "like" them. If you've never had one, they are like heavy, dense, jelly-filled donuts. They sit in your stomach like a rock! No, not a fan...

I went to AppleBee's and got my new favorite there: French Onion soup and the three cheese chicken and penne combo.

From there, I stopped in Bed Bath and Beyond and got a new bathrobe.

On the way home after work, the temperature had gotten above freezing (barely), so the roads were just wet.

I got in the trash can and the mail and then buttoned the house up for the night.

I called my friend Leon and wished him a happy birthday. He's doing fine. Well, at least he thinks he is. He doesn't go to doctors. I wish I didn't.

I warmed up some of those pigs in a blanket and munched on them for dinner.

I started watching NCIS. But, I was warm and snug in my bed and I fell asleep before the end.