Thursday, February 25, 2016

Election Prediction

With the Republican race being five guys instead of two, Trump will continue to pick up delegates until he locks the nomination up.

The Democrats will eventually nominate Hilary.

When it comes down to the actual election, the Latinos will not vote for Trump (of course) so Hilary will win. The one thing I didn't want, DAMMIT!!!


  1. While I’m confident you and I have different reasons behind this (I “predict” I know what yours are), I don’t want H.C. to win, either. I dragged your not-Jake-Son out during the ’08 primaries just so we could both vote for nobody (her name was the only other option). I’m hoping she gets beat or bows out on her own.

  2. Not sure what you "predict." I was hoping for a moderate Republican. Marco Rubio would have been perfect. Trump is a clown, Cruz and his tea party supporters have held up real government since Obama was elected and can suck my d*ck. Kasich wound okay, but he's so far back it isn't funny.

    On the Democratic side, Bernie does have supporters, but most of them are college students, hoping for a free education (or payouts to their student loans). And college students don't normally vote. Besides, look at the countries that embraced socialism (France, some of the Netherlands, etc.)Their economies have all tanked. You can't taxed the piss out out the rich to shore up the poor. The rich just say, "Fnck it!" and there is no more business expansion.

    It all sucks.

    I guess I'm too damn old, but I keep thinking, "I like Ike!"

  3. P.S. She won't bow out and we will get stuck with yet another "dynasty." Remember how that worked with the Bush's? We need fresh, younger people, fresh ideas and some kind of compromise between the President and the Congress.

  4. I think it's time you damn "millennials" step up!!!

  5. Unless someone else decides to jump in, Bernie’s got my vote (even if I have to make him a write-in). Love him or hate him, at least I know exactly what he stands for and I’m not even remotely worried Congress will let all of his policies pass without changes. I do support various Republican ideas now and then, but I doubt I’ll ever be voting for a Republican ever again. No matter who the front person is, Republicans (in general) let those structurally na├»ve Neo-Cons have way too much influence on their foreign policy.

    I don’t bother listening to H.C., anymore. I know exactly what her position-du jour is based on whatever poll numbers will get her elected. It’s gibberish when she tries to say people don’t trust her because of Republican conspiracies. Wrong. People don’t trust her because of her, start to finish. I know it’s wishful thinking that she’ll bow out of her own volition; but, hey, she bowed out the last time someone else was clearly kicking her ass.

  6. My favorite H.C. moment (who gets paid like 600k per speaking arrangement) was her telLing poor black folks she understood their pain. AND THEY BOUGHT IT!!!