Sunday, February 21, 2016

Spring Comes, but briefly...

I didn't sleep well Friday night, so I had to make myself get up and get going Saturday. I ate some soft boiled eggs for breakfast, then got shaved, showered and dressed.

I headed out for a 9:00 a.m. massage. As I was leaving, Margaret was telling her blind father that the flowers were coming up in the south-facing front garden. So, I checked it out and they were!

From there I went to Kroger's for a few things. I decided that, if it really gets to 60 degrees as predicted, I was going to grill outside. So, I got a T-bone steak and some brats.

I stopped at the Feed Store and got more much-needed bird seed. Finally, I pulled into Westborn and got some cheese, fresh veggies (asparagus and green onions to grill) and some ginger. I also bought a package of three small (small!) ears of sweet corn.

Sidebar: I know they are from far away and won't taste as good as pure Michigan sweet corn in August, but that's what I like to grill.

Back home, I left the truck out to empty the groceries. It was unbelievably warm, but very windy. When everything was put away, I checked my own gardens.

Crocus by the front porch

Daffodils under my bedroom window

Daffodils on south side of garage

Crocus on Jake's patio

There was nothing coming up in the less protected English garden or the gardens in the back yard.

Since I was back there, I checked on the grill. It had picked up some surface rust over the winter. So, I got the drill and a tapered wire brush attachment and cleaned it up.

But, it was so windy, I was trying to figure out a way to actually use the grill. I thought screwing a sheet of plywood to the wooden herb garden might work. But then, it might catch on fire, and we don't want any more of that!

Back inside, I was still puzzling over blocking the wind when the doorbell rang. It was two of the three little girls who wanted work. So, I walked them out back and showed them all the little branches that had come down. I told them to pick them up and throw them over the fence. I asked them to ring the door bell when they were done.

They were out there about a half an hour and I checked on them out the window every now and then. They finally rang the bell and I gave them each two dollars. I went back to cleaning the house.

About an hour later, the doorbell rang again. It was the other girl. I told her that her friends already had come and did all the work. She was crestfallen!

So, I told her that I hadn't had time to check on their work, so maybe they left some branches by mistake. I asked her if she would go out back and walk all around the yard and throw any branches they might have missed over the fence. She brightened up immediately and ran out back.

She wasn't out there that long, but I gave her two dollars anyway, for showing initiative.

My daughter Melissa called and we talked a long time. That helped me decide NOT to grill in the wind.

BTW, we broke the record today when we hit 63 degrees!

I was trying to figure out what to make for dinner when my brother Jim called. He wanted to thank me for my birthday card.

When I bought the green onions to grill, there were three bundles for something or another. So, I heated up a can of refried beans, topped them with sliced green onions and hot sauce. I ate them with tortilla chips. It wasn't anything like I had planned, but it was good.

I watched some of the Red Wings game but fell asleep.Which was good, as I didn't see them lose in overtime.


  1. Nice to see signs that spring is coming! I wonder if those were small regular corn cobs or overgrown baby ones...