Thursday, February 11, 2016

Ash Wednesday

It was cold on Wednesday (9 degrees when I woke up) and windy. It was the wind that killed you! As a result all the side streets had frozen, making San Jose a short, but dicey drive.

It also lightly snowed, off and on.

Sidebar: Interesting snow facts: Our average snowfall in Southeast Michigan is 27.3 inches. Last year we had 37.8 inches. So far this year, we've only had 19 inches of snow!

It was 21 degrees at lunchtime, still with a wicked wind. I went to Big Boy and got a cup of broccoli and ham soup (because I was cold) and the chicken Caesar salad. Both were excellent!

I stopped at Home Depot on the way home and got the small sheet of plywood I needed for the kitchen.

Back at home, I treated the cat and did the Wednesday night wash.

I was still cold and really wanted a can of chili (homemade would have been better, but maybe this weekend). But my stomach is doing great and I'd like to keep it that way, LOL. So, I settled for a can of Bush's baked beans and buttered bread.

I watched the rest of NCIS and then NCIS New Orleans. I switched to the end of the Red Wings game and then went to bed.


  1. The snow is probably just offset to account for last year's totals. Never heard of beans and bread before.

  2. Really? That's strange. It's poor people food. If you got fancy beans, just heat up a can and eat them with buttered bread to cut the taste. It's hard to choke down a can of fancy beans by themselves.

    Now, if all you got is Campbell's pork and beans, you add a healthy pat of butter to them after heating. The melted butter makes them taste better.