Friday, January 15, 2016


I went to work on Thursday. I felt I should...

Victoria was telling me that, when she went by the house or Birwood (the one I have the cabinet doors) to check on it, she found the city had torn down the vacant house next to it!

So, we ran up there at lunch. Sure enough, they were just putting the heavy duty equipment on a truck They still have to fill in the basement with dirt. But it changes the look of her house dramatically.

We stopped at Wendy's and got some lunch to eat at our desks.

On the way home after work, I stopped at Meijer's and bought some new heads for my electric razor.

I ate some leftover pasta for dinner after the news ended. Then I switched to reading until bedtime..


  1. Dramatically for the better?

  2. What did you get a Wendy's? I haven't had Wendy's in a long time.

  3. @ Jake: Yeah, seriously. It was a burnt out shell of a house. If the owner doesn't object, she has the option of buying it for $100.00.
    @ Carla: I was not paying attention. Unless they have a specialty burger, I normally get the chili and a loaded potato (Uncle Carl's suggestion). So, I ordered a burger and fries combo meal. The burger was great, but I pitched half the fries. I like McDonald's or Arby's curly fries, myself.