Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Tuesday Tale...

Since I went to bed so early Monday night, I woke up bright-eyed and bushy tailed on Tuesday at 4:00 a.m. I finally got up after giving up all pretense of going back to sleep. I made an egg sandwich (with cheese, please) for breakfast, got ready and hauled the trashcan out to the road. I got to work about 7:15 a.m.

It was a windy day, with spitting snow and very gloomy.

I went up to Farmington (the town) at lunch (Farmington Road and 10 mile?) and dropped in at my optometrist. I don't have an appointment (rescheduled until February 6th). But I was hoping to buy another set of frames. I am wearing, like, eight year old glasses and they are giving me a headache everyday. My latest lenses are still intact, it's just the frame that broke.

They took down my information. I offered to pay for the new frames, but they insisted on trying to see if they were covered under warranty. This is the second time the same frames broke in the same damn place!

I headed south again and stopped into the Jimmy John's. I got the #4 Turkey Tom sandwich, with additional cheese and a pickle.

I ate most of it for lunch.

Sidebar: I offered Courtney half my pickle, but she said she was too full. So, I threw it away.

I knew Victoria had taken the day off to take Yanessa to a doctor's appointment. But, she did let me know Monday night she might be bringing her into work for a visit.

And, she did! At first, Vicky kept asking her if she wanted to give Papa John a hug, but you know how shy two year old's can be. Courtney gave her some candy and, when everyone else was talking about something else, I helped her unwrap it.

Then she gave me the sweetest hug, ever!

Sidebar: This was my second hug of the day. The first was from Riley, a big thug of a technician, who tries to embarrass me. Fnck that! You want a hug, dude, I got one for you!!!

So, I got two hugs today. maybe I'm the 'Hug Whisperer?"

Sidebar: I'd rather be the "Booty Whisperer" but, oh well...

The afternoon passed slowly as they always do.

Finally, I made my way home, hauled in the trashcan and buttoned everything up for the night.

I watched the news until 7:00 p.m. and the warmed up some shrimp scampi. The microwave (Chef Mike) overcooks the shrimp, but it still tasted great.

I watched two reruns of both NCIS and NCIS New Orleans and then went to bed.


  1. Stick to hugs. I don't think HR would appreciate you booty whispering in the workplace.