Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Saturday Story

I didn't sleep well Friday night, so I overslept Saturday morning. That meant I didn't have time to make my grocery list, or write the Blog post. I shaved, showered, dressed and got to my haircut appointment five minutes late.

Afterwards, I filled up the truck at the cheapest place I could find (the low fuel light came on Friday night). From there, I stopped at Home Depot and bought a new toilet seat.

Back home, I started the weekend wash. Then I changed clothes and went out in the garage to search for a big flat head screwdriver. It took a while...

Sidebar: I really need to get off my ass and finish the back wall. Then I could put everything back in its place. Searching through boxes sucks!!!

Then I replaced the broken toilet seat. When I had the old one off, I mixed up some Pine-Sol and washed the hell out of the toilet (including the spots that were covered by the seat bolts). Then I installed the new one.

It was after noon by then, so I made two bologna sandwich for my lunch (I missed breakfast). I made one with yellow mustard and one with mayonnaise. I like them either way...

I folded the clothes in the dryer and started another load. Then I took a break and read a book until I fell asleep.

After my nap, I went outside to refilled the feeders. The rain yesterday cleaned  most of the snow off the patio. So, I went into the shed and got the transfer shovel. Then I scraped the crap off the patio and put the junk into the trashcan. Before I went in, I took down the Christmas wreath.

Back inside, I put away all the Christmas decorations and put my usual stuff back in place. I know, I should have done that two weeks ago. But, I wasn't here over Chirstmas and was enjoying it.

Then I started cleaning the house. I was embarrased how dirty it was!

For dinner, I baked two tilapi filets. Chef Mike "baked" a russet potato and warmed up a dish of sweet peas.

I made some basic homemade tartar sauce (there are tons of "fancy" recipes). I just used half the recipe, BTW. So, I mixed half a cup of maynnaise with one tablespoon of sweet pickle relish, one half teaspoon of yellow mustard and one half teaspoon of fresh lemon juice.

Sidebar: This allowed me to use my lemon squeezer Christmas present. It worked beautifully! Thank you, Jake and Carla!!!

I didn't have any sour cream to use on my baked potato (no grocery shopping, remember?) so I went with just butter, salt and pepper. I plated my dinner and enjoyed the hell out of it.

Sidebar: I am not a fan of tilapia. I find it boring. I prefer catfish, breaded with cornmeal (topped with hot sauce, it is to die for) or fish and chips with cod (in cod we trust!) But, I had some in the freezer and, with enought tartar sauce, it was pretty good.

Plus, at my age, I know I don't eat enough fish.

I watched the rest of the evenng news, then switched to reading until bedtime.


  1. I agree, tilapia is boring, but I keep some on hand as well. I really like Scrod.