Saturday, January 2, 2016

The long and winding road

I woke up long before the alarm I set on Wednesday morning. I shaved, showered and got dressed. I finished packing my suitcase and hauled it downstairs. I made my goodbyes to Carla and Whiskey and then Jake and I left at 6:45 a.m. Traffic wasn’t too bad and we got to the airport. I got my boarding passes and then went through security. I was facing killing some time (My flight didn’t leave until 10:45 a.m.) so I went and got a sausage biscuit with egg and cheese and a cup of coffee.

I went and sat in a rocker that looked out over the runway. I read my book and watched it rain.

I finally meandered down to the gate and waited for my plane. They announced it was delayed for a half hour. Then they said the flight was cancelled!!!

So, I got in a long line with the other passengers to see what my options were. My legs were beginning to vibrate by the time it was my turn.

They ended up sending me in a taxi up to Charlotte with my bag. There was one opening on a plane to Detroit, but I was going to have to sit in first class.

It was pouring rain but that didn’t slow down the taxi driver! He kept it at 80 mph and passed everything on the road. He scared the crap out of me!!!

I had to go back through security at Charlotte. Then I got a call from American Airlines, saying the flight was now rescheduled for TOMORROW at 2:57 p.m.!!! I sent Vicky a text and she said she would send some prayers my way so I didn’t have to spend the night.

I couldn’t take much more of this, so I went into a restaurant and ordered a pulled pork sandwich and fries. I filled Jake in on the latest update. I told him I was eating first before standing in line again.  He said that was probably a good thing, unless they run out of hotel vouchers. Dammit!!! I didn’t think of that. So, I left half my sandwich and most of my fries on the plate, left money on the table and went out to stand in line again.

I was about 10 people away from talking to an agent when my phone rang again. It was American Airlines. The flight to Detroit was back on! It was leaving later and from a different gate but I’ll take it!

Sidebar: Puerto Rican prayers are POWERFUL!!!

So, I was the second person to board (being in first class and all). The stewardess was taking drink orders so I asked for a cup of coffee. She said that with the turbulence we would be encountering once we were airborne, hot coffee would be too dangerous. So, I opted for a glass of white wine.

It was a bumpy ride most of the way. We finally landed. I got my suitcase and hiked out to the truck. It was a shock when I realized just how bloody cold it was.

It was just after 10:00 p.m. when I got home. Caley had barfed on the bed, but I was too tired to yell at her. I just swapped the cotton sheets with my flannel ones. I sent a few more texts, letting people know I finally made it and then went to sleep.


  1. sounds like a wonderful experience...and flight!

  2. @ GPF: I have only one regret. I should have went with the champagne the stewardess offered, just to celebrate getting out of Charlotte!